Cheap, Eco-Friendly Transportation with Just A Little Extra Help

Epic Cycles is proud to offer Magnum’s new line of electric bicycles, an affordable, environment-friendly alternative for today’s modern urbanist.

With gasoline prices in a state of rising flux, 2018 is the year of the bicycle. Epic Cycles is taking this idea to the next level with Magnum’s electric bike line. Imagine being able to hop in the bike lane and bypass all that gridlocked traffic on the way to the office without having to sacrifice speed. Most bikes can top 20-28 MPH which is significantly quicker when compared to the average car speed of 18 MPH while city driving.


Don’t think that’s all easy driving! Peddling is still required while the electrics give that extra push uphill and against the wind. While being a great green alternative to automobiles it’s also a great way to keep in shape. According to health statistics, 6.3 million Canadians, or 1 in 4 adults were obese as of 2011-2012, and that number keeps rising. Age restrictions are lighter across most parts of Canada as well with age minimums running between 12 in Alberta and up to 18 in Quebec. For specific law requirements, please visit the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations website.


Epic Cycles has a large line of Magnum brand electric bikes available to meet many varying likes and needs. Prices range from the Magnum Classic – Low Step at $1950 to the mid-range Magnum Ui5 & Mi5 at $2200. The Magnum Premium 48 High Step & Low Step ring in at an affordable $2450 while the Magnum Metro & Magnum Peak add just that little extra bit of power at $2600. Topping the price point is the Magnum Cruiser at $2800 bringing a powerhouse 500-watt motor with a massive 48 volt 13 amp hour battery pack. Did we mention that it will charge a cellphone? Built in USB power connections means no dead phone halfway through the work day when it is needed most. There is even a Magnum R2 Conversion Kit available to turn any 26” bike into a Magnum electric with plug and play technology and the sweetest price point of $1300.


About the Company:

 Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is serious about providing reasonably priced, enjoyable, and easily accessible eco-friendly transportation. Located conveniently in Vaughan, they provide only the best available electric bikes and scooters. Magnum maintains one of the most innovative, comfortable, and best electric bicycles lines in the world.

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