IADB – Websites for Actors Launches FIRST-EVER Casting-call Aggregator

IADB – Websites for Actors has developed the first ever casting-call aggregator app that assimilates a huge collection of acting job opportunities from various websites in one single location.

Los Angeles, California – May 22, 2018 – No more scouring scores of websites 3 times a day for new acting gigs. Good news for emerging and new actors looking for casting calls. IADB- Websites for Actors has launched a revolutionary app to make job finding easier than ever for actors. Titled as “Hired Actor”, the new application is an all-in-one casting-call solution that aggregates new job opportunities for actors in one convenient unified platform.

The FIRST of its kind, Hired Actor app is designed to amass a large collection of streamlined feeds with manually populated casting opportunities from over a dozen different websites. With such an assorted collection in one place, actors can now review multiple casting calls and apply for suitable job offers quicker than ever. The new app boasts a convenient Tinder-style swipe operation. If you find a compatible job offer, just swipe right to add it to your list and it will be sent directly to your email. And when you want to dismiss a casting call and move on to the new offer, a left swipe is all that you will need. 

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/GNaSI3qyDh4

Tomasz Mieczkowski, Founder of IADB – Websites for Actors says: 

“Scanning multiple websites for new acting gigs three times a day is not a viable option. And Hired App is just the thing you will need here. No longer would you need to waste your time on multiple sites to find a suitable job opportunity. With Hired App, you have everything conveniently in one place so that you can easily browse through the current casting calls in the market and apply for the suitable ones in a fraction of time than before.”

Hired App caters to both emerging TV & film actors as well as YouTube performers looking for new acting gigs.

Based in Los Angeles, California, IADB – Websites for Actors is a U.S. Navy veteran-owned web hosting company that helps actors and filmmakers to build self-updating websites in just 90 seconds and that too for FREE! The company populates the websites with the state of the art InstaBuild technology which enables it to build website in less than 2 minutes. IADB instantly imports user’s data from IMDb, Backstage, YouTube and Vimeo right into his website. Users will have access to powerful networking tools so that they can increase their connections in the industry and showcase their talent to the world more conveniently that ever. 

The company was launched in response to the demand for customers wanting to maintain a fully updated website without the need to learn how to code or how to change the website using confusing content management systems. Over the next 12 months, IADB plans to launch an additional 30 website designs for a larger selection. 

What separates IADB from other website building companies is its dedicated focus to the acting industry. While other companies mostly offer a generic website, IADB guarantees an integrated, strategically designed and SEO powered website which can update itself when the user updates his social media.  

“Our main aim is to help aspiring film actors, up-and-coming television stars and YouTube performers, to keep their personal websites and portfolios up-to-date while maintaining relationships with others in the film-industry via social media and other online forms of communication. We promise you a dedicated and optimized website so that you can easily reach up to the top of search engines.”

For more information, contact: Sofia Wilson (323.366.0683) sofia@iadb.com

Photography available to download here: https://www.iadb.com/images/pr/pr-hired-actor.png

Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/154817137

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