Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Ottawa and GTA

The 1000 Islands Addiction center ready to assist you with any addiction problems you might have. If you are looking for the correct type of support or treatment in Ottawa it is imperative that you know the type of rehabilitation that is required. Every substance, be it Marijuana, Heroin or Alcohol for example, each has different treatments and the correct one must be chosen. Marijuana issues are becoming more frequent and more and more professionals are required to deal with these problems. You can contact them 24/7.


The Programs

Since there are so many various drugs marketed to children and adults today, where children are concerned, they are usually directed at age group 15 – 24, it is of the utmost importance that you know which drug you child has taken.

 Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Ottawa

Substance treatments

The Center treats all substance abusers from Marijuana to Oxycontin and has a different program and specialist for each. Thousand Islands rehab center understands the various disturbing effects and addictions to Canadians and very often the problems lie at home. They have customized programs and every person who enters the center has a unique and different problem. Abstention from the drug is not the answer as many go back to the habits after a few weeks or sooner. The root cause for taking the substance needs to be found out and treated systematically from there. 


Detox treatments

The detox treatments are different and varied in each case. Each person undergoes different withdrawal symptoms and these have to be nurtured systematically and to slowly reduce the need for the drug. Weaning off substances is not easy and each case being different may need a different professional to deal with it. There is a program list of substance abuse.


Treatment Programs

The thousand Islands treatment center offer different and varied treatments in each case. Some of the substances that are dependent upon and are treatable are:

Marijuana; Cocaine; Heroin; Prescription drugs (often referred to as designer drugs); meth; Inhalants; Amphetamines; Opioids; Alcohol addiction.


Follow-up Services offered


The Thousand Islands center offers a follow up service. During and after treatment it essential that a resumption of the habit does not occur. The center delivers the best solutions and every treatment follows a complete recovery. Not only is the addiction treated but the person as well. Contact the addiction center for more details of our programs.


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