World’s First Skyscraper Rescue Backpack with Braking System – Skyspider’s Crowdfunding Campaign Launched on Kickstarter.

The team of Skyspider has recently announced that they have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help them collect sufficient funds to start the Skyspider project. The team has made sure that every single penny will be spend only on making this project a success.

Skyspider is World’s First Skyscraper Rescue Backpack with Braking System. This device will help people in escaping fire and safely landing on the ground. According to the team, Skyspider will be made of 304 fireproof stainless steel, the descent device is resistant to temperatures of up to 1440 degrees Fahrenheit, and is capable of securely lowering anyone, weighing less than 298 pounds, to the ground. The device will be equipped with a controlled speed system that will ensure a safe and reliable landing.  Skyspider will be easy to use; in 3 simple steps (Gear up, LOCK IT UP, HOOK & DESCEND), the user will be able to land safely within 30 secs. The Skyspider system will also include a Personal Survival kit, including abrasion-resistant gloves, gas mask, window breaker, emergency hammer and an LED flashlight.

The times are changing, we see the numbers of skyscrapers around the world are now increasing. About a decade back there were a few counted ones in some countries of the world only; but now with time, the concept of building skyscrapers has developed. So most probably, within a decade or so the number of skyscrapers will significantly increase, so as the risks of having skyscraper emergency situations. Therefore, rescue equipment such as Skyspider is a necessity of both current time and the future.

It is unfortunate that not a single government or institution wants to pay for an excellent rescue device, this is the main reason why the team has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for this device. The team is hopeful that their idea will be well received by people and they will support this campaign with an open heart and will make Skyspider dream a reality.

The spokesperson of Skyspider project stated, “Yes, it was a slight disappointment and a setback that none of the government or institution wanted to invest in this project. But, we are not demotivated because we are sure about the fact that there are millions of people who will appreciate our project and would like to fund it. That is why after a lengthy discussion the team has finally decided that we will launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for this project. We request you to not only financially back the Skyspider campaign, but kindly also share this campaign with others and help us spread the word. Let’s join hands and together make a device that might save thousands of lives.”

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