The Secret is Out: British Taxis are the hottest item in outdoor Advertising now

The British Taxi is offering highly potential outdoor advertising solutions for brands and agencies with iconic London taxi cabs that promise a way superior branding advantage over conventional ad campaigns.

Chapel Hill, NC – May 22, 2018 – Talk about the latest movement in the American advertising space and we have British taxis drawing in most of the limelight today. Wrapped by brand messaging, these moving billboards on heritage wheels are creating a sensation wherever they are going, boosting incredible viewer engagement for the hosted brands like no other. And the company that has pioneered this phenomenal advertising trend is a creative startup called “The British Taxi”.

The taxis have been imported from the UK and reimagined especially for the USA audience. Some of them are the rarest English cabs in existence. The company boasts the largest fleet of London taxis in North America and also the longest London taxi in the world. Each of the iconic vehicles has been restored with great care to leverage the appeal of the hosted brands. The British Taxi is flexible to offer sensational outdoor advertising solutions for any brand or business across the USA.

“The contemporary advertising scene is pretty cut throat, and only the most creative campaigns make their mark. This is where British Taxi comes in. Our heritage London taxi cabs can stall the crowd wherever they go and with your messaging wrapped all over the vehicles, there’s an urgency that triggers instant awareness and engagement. Put simply, we help agencies, brands, planners and producers to stand out in this noisy world in such a phenomenal way that people are compelled to take note of them. No wonder our British taxis have fast become the talk of trending articles and viral posts on social media”, smiled Dan Burke, advertising expert and the visionary man behind The British Taxi.

Outdoor advertising campaigns by British taxis command their own unique edge over the traditional advertising solutions. Most importantly, Burke’s advertising solution holds the power to pull people in instead of pushing them away as we see with many other conventional advertising campaigns. The British Taxi has already worked for some really smart brands and they have successfully harnessed this cutting-edge ad solution to astounding effect. 

Speaking further, Mr. Burke highlighted the exclusive features of their British taxi outdoor branding campaigns that keep them ahead in the market:

  • Instant street awareness – The heritage British taxis are a sight to behold and inspire conversation and hence can successfully arouse instant street-awareness for the hosted brands.
  • Improves organic engagement across various digital platforms – The British taxis make amazing subjects for clicks which fast make their way to digital platforms and consequently help to pique organic engagement.
  • Top scoop for contents and stories – A British taxi is always a great content for trending stories and with your brand on the doors, the name of your company is soon to rise up on top of newsfeeds.
  • Versatile usability for high potential advertising – The British Taxi offers various turnkey advertising and branding solutions with its authentic London taxi cabs, including Mobile Billboard, Shuttle Service, VIP ride for clients, Static Displays, Pop-up shops, photo booths and so on.

“We also promise you groomed and polished chauffeurs who will be the most ideal ambassadors of your brand when you are spreading the word about your business with our iconic cabs.” 

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