PERFECT hands-free selfies gets easier than ever with STICK-AMIS™

STICK-AMIS™ assures convenient hands-free usage of mobile phones and tablets for taking pictures, speaking and viewing photos and videos. It can also serve as the ideal promotional gift as it can be fully branded and personalized.

New York, NY – May 22, 2018 – No more struggling with awkward selfie-sticks while trying to get that perfect shot. A solution has arrived in the form of a self-adhesive phone-sticker. Titled as STICK-AMIS™, this new must have item assures perfect hands-free selfies and group shots without the woes of selfie-sticks or pop sockets. The nifty accessory adheres to any clean, flat surface (ex: a wall or mirror) enabling complete hands-free usage of phones and tablets. 

STICK-AMIS™ is a blend of “Stick” which refers to the exclusive adhesive patch of the sticker and “Amis” meaning friends in French (or for your Spanish amigos and Italian amicis).   

“STICK-AMIS™ is thoughtfully designed to make being social and staying connected easier than ever. STICK-AMIS™ bring all your friends and family together for the perfect selfie or group shot without the need for anyone to be behind the camera.  Thanks to STICK-AMIS™, no one from your tribe will be left out while taking the shots. Put simply, our new phone-sticker is a must-have for every phone or tablet”, stated Christel Chaunsumlit, leading public speaker, trainer and the enterprising founder behind STICK-AMIS™.

Part of the uniqueness of STICK-AMIS™ lays in its assurance of completely flawless hands-free selfies. Regular selfies that we click by holding the phones or with selfie-sticks or pop sockets suffer from certain limitations like shadows, and limited range. But STICK-AMIS™ assure no such issues and deliver the best selfies and group shots on the first click! 

“Selfie-sticks are not just cumbersome but also limited in range while bulky pop sockets only offer one angle (leaning). With STICK-AMIS™ on the back of your phone, you don’t need to fret about any such restrictions. Moreover, it’s extremely lightweight and its flat design makes it easy to slip into your pocket, purse or just simply carry.”

STICK-AMIS™ stands out with a host of cutting-edge features:

  • Easy hands-free communication and usage
  • Compatible with all mobile phones and tablets
  • Easy portability (can transfer from device to device)
  • Functions as portable stand 
  • Sticks on clean, flat, dry surfaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly durable and lasts up to 1000 uses
  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • Can be personalized/branded
  • Very affordable 

Speaking further, Christel stressed STICK-AMIS™ can be a promotional, retail and private label item. A seasoned Training professional with more than 20 years of experience, she has worked for iconic brands like TAG Heuer, Montblanc, Pandora, Gucci, etc., and knows what makes the ideal promotional gift. Users can specially order customized STICK-AMIS™ with their company logo or brand message. 

“The perfect promotional gift should be something that will be useful for the end-user and provide a lasting impression of the brand. Mobile phones are an integral part of our life today and STICK-AMIS™ will be a continuous reminder of the brand and/or company. As surprising as it may sound, many people today would rather lose their wallet vs. their phone.  This indicates just how connected people are to their devices.  

Thus, a customized STICK-AMIS™ with your brand logo on clients’ phones would mean your brand is before his/her eyes almost every moment. There cannot be a better promotional gift. Finally, swag we can use,” she added in. 

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