Teaching Side by Side: An Inspiring New Platform to Improve The Indispensable & Influential Profession of Teaching is Now Available Online

The Platform Will Enable Students & Parents to Rate The Effective Performance of Their Teachers

May 22, 2018 – A proud parent, positive education advocate, and PhD student of Integral Psychology and Health proudly announces the launch of an inspiring new online platform that will have tremendous positive impact on the profession of teaching. This new online platform is called ‘Teaching Side by Side’ or ‘TSBS’ and it is now available on both web and iOS and Android platforms, in the form of a smartphone application. This platform is focused on transparency and positive communication and provides real-time feedback for teachers from those they affect the most, their students and parents.

“Students and parents are an integral part of our education system and their feedback for a teacher is equally as important as a teacher’s evaluation for a student.  This platform will simply enable students and parents to share their valuable feedback regarding a teacher’s performance within the classroom, and the resulting educational experience from the unique perspective of the student and parents,” said the creator of Teaching Side by Side, while introducing this new platform. “My aim with this emerging platform is to create an effective and positive bridge of communication and transparency between teachers and students, along with their parents, which is currently lacking within the education system,” she added.

According to the creator of Teaching Side by Side, this platform is aimed at creating a better educational system for all, beginning with the ones affected the most the students!  Moreover, since the world is moving towards smartphones and app usage, TSBS is also available on both iOS and Android platforms to accommodate smartphone-only users.  Utilizing this innovative online platform is fairly simple and students can register themselves, with their parent’s permission, along with a separate account for parents.  Upon completion of registration, users simply locate their current school and subsequent teacher, then proceed through the simple ten-question survey.  This process can be completed for each of a student’s teachers.  If a teacher is not previously entered into the system under their school of attendance, a user or teacher has the ability to input their current teacher’s data, then continue on with the grading process.  At the completion of the ten-question survey, the teacher’s overall grade will be generated and an area for additional feedback is provided.  It’s as simple as that.

Additionally, the website of Teaching Side by Side proudly celebrates and features the top-rated, A+ teachers from across the United States, which changes as more and more top-rated teachers are graded. The teachers are graded separately by both students and parents, so those top-rated teachers are presented separately as well. Teachers around the world regularly grade and evaluate their students, but students and parents have not had the opportunity to evaluate their teachers and offer them positive feedback until now. This platform will simply fill in that gap by enabling students and their parents to provide their feedback regarding a teacher for a particular grade or semester; thus, allowing for positive growth, acknowledgement, and sometimes change within this crucially important and tireless profession.  TSBS offers a place to celebrate all of the amazing A+ teachers and ensure that all students are provided with the best learning environment possible to feel safe, seen, and embraced for the unique individuals that they are.  Every child deserves an A+ teacher!

For more information, please visit the website at: www.teachingsidebyside.com

To download the TSBS app for iPhones, please click the link below:


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