Auto Accessory Configurator – Helping Car Dealerships Make Every Sale Personal

Auto Accessory Configurator is a Chicago-based company that specializes in providing car dealerships with presentation tools to increase accessory sales. AAC enhances your dealership’s ability to be a part of the personalization experience through their large array of tools and dealership operations and training. AAC aims to make dealerships the first and most fulfilling option for accessories the moment a vehicle is purchased, up until a new vehicle is needed.

Auto Accessory Configurator helps dealerships:

• Increase profits per customer

• Promote their services and products

• Educate buyers on protection, customization, and maintenance

• Improve overall customer satisfaction and retention

Why should dealerships give attention to the auto accessory market?

Leading dealerships need to adopt customer segmentation solutions to stay ahead of the market and establish their presence in the auto accessories space. With the auto accessories market projected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years, having an upper hand in the accessories market is imperative to a dealership’s future success. The auto accessory market was reported at $216 billion, yet this market has remained untapped by auto dealerships. Auto Accessory Configurator allows dealerships to leverage the $216 billion-dollar industry with their unique approach to the customer sales process.

Making every sale personal

Many car dealerships make the mistake of assuming that once a sale has been made, their job is done. But AAC can assure you that this is not the case in the auto industry. A vehicle will always require regular maintenance, so your clients will need to be persuaded to return to your dealership. AAC provides you with the opportunity to separate yourself from your competitors by providing exceptional after-sale service. How? By implementing the AAC Solution, dealerships can convince buyers to purchase additional complementary services or products rather than taking profits to the local aftermarket customizer. It is important for dealerships to make a long-lasting impression on clients so that they will come back to your dealership to fulfill all their needs.

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