How to Protect Eyes in the Summer Sun with Eye Love Sunglasses

May is Ultraviolet (UV) Awareness Month –  Now is the best time to be proactive and know that your sunglasses are helping protect against eye damage. Many know the sun can cause skin cancer, but how many know the sun damages your eyes? The pair of sunglasses you wear are more critical than most would imagine. UV damage is cumulative over a lifetime, further increasing the importance of sun protection for children as well as adults. Many of the sunglasses currently on the market in big box stores may not appropriately protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

Eye Love, an eye wellness company, saves you time and makes it easier when shopping for protective, affordable, great looking pairs of sunglasses. All of Eye Love’s sunglasses are 100% UV blocking, glare-free and polarized for the safety of your eyes. Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler insist sunglasses should be thought of just like sunscreen and worn every time you are outdoors. Cloudy skies can be deceiving, as the skin and the eyes can get sunburned on days when the sun doesn’t shine brightly. Just because you’re not squinting doesn’t mean you don’t need those sunglasses.

Here are the Top 3 Best Selling Eye Love Sunglasses

The Wanderer – Shiny Black: Men & Women Shiny or Matte Black

The Fleek Brown: A Classic Brown Tortoise and Gold Timeless Design


The Lincolns – Orange: Protect your eyes inside & outside with Blue Light Blocking Glasses that transition into Sunglasses outside


Whether you are lakeside or poolside, most of us will be spending longer hours in the sun for the next few months. Make sure your eyes are well protected and learn more about Eye Love and their mission at

Besides protecting your eyes from the harmful sun damage, sunglasses also help fend off those crow’s feet we hate so much… bonus!

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