Quality Air Purifiers Review: IAM VS. Blueair and Honeywell

Air pollution is a constant concern for almost everyone nowadays. But how do you choose from the myriads of air purifiers on the market? Today we focus on three top sellers priced at around $500, Honeywell KJ300F, Blueair 303+ and IAM KJ850F, to provide our readers some practical guidance.

CADR: Cleaning efficiency is a must

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is one of the most important factors to consider when buying air purifiers. As far as CADR goes, IAM easily ranks NO. 1 among the three, with its particulate matter CADR reaching 897.7m³/h, and formaldehyde CADR reaching 446.5m³/h. The two figures of Blueair 303+ are 350m³/h and 150m³/h, and Honeywell’s are only 305m³/h and 60m³/h.

IAM reached the highest CADR, thanks to its advanced Alaste Purification System. The system adopts twin-turbocharged centrifugal fans, which considerably improves its clean air filter rate. Besides, powered by Levma Sensing Technology, IAM can accurately detect air pollutants and monitor real time indoor air quality, making the purification process more effective.

CCM: Life span of filter screen is no small matter

Another important factor is CCM (Cumulate Clean Mass). China has promulgated its own quality standards concerning CCM, which we will use as evaluation standard here. With particulate CCM at 32550 mg, IAM stands well above the highest P4 level (12000 mg) of China’s New National Standards; also above the highest F4 level is its formaldehyde CCM, at 1500 mg. Blueair 303+ respectively reaches P4 and F4, while Honeywell KJ300F only reaches P1 level regarding particulate matter CCM. So IAM comes on top again.

IAM employs the H13-level compound filter shield, featuring activated carbon fiber and dual filter screens design, which greatly boost the performance and life span of filter screens. Users can therefore enjoy stabler purification without having to frequently replace filter screens.

Purification, not at the cost of cozy environment

Energy conservation, coverage area and noise level of an air purifier are also important factors that affect its user experience.

With higher PEE (Purification Energy Efficiency), an air purifier consumes less electricity purifying per area. The particle PEE of IAM is 8.665, and its formaldehyde PEE is 4.3. For Blueair the two figures are 8.77 and 3.81, and for Honeywell 5.629 and 1.272. We can say IAM and Blueair are neck and neck on this aspect, with Honeywell at the bottom again.

In terms of coverage area, the three purifiers have sharp differences: IAM leads with a coverage area as large as 58-102 m², comparing to 24-42 m² of Blueair and 21-36 m² of Honeywell. Surprisingly, IAM’s huge coverage area doesn’t come with bigger noises. Thanks to IAM’s strong heart — the famous Shibaura Engine, the purifier can work at full throttle without making loud noises.

Based on the comparisons above, IAM is no doubt the final winner of this review. So next time you’re looking for an air purifier priced at around $500, consider IAM KJ850F; you won’t regret it.


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