Oil & Vinegar Introduces Ball-samico: The First Grateable Balsamic Vinegar

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – May 23, 2018 – Oil & Vinegar, a leading Gourmet Speciality Retail Store is today delighted to introduce Ball-samico, a grateable ball-shaped balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy that contains 100% natural ingredients.

This easy-to-use, solid vinegar product gives graters a new purpose beyond just grating cheese. Grate Ball-samico over salad to keep leaves crisp and green, serve as an ice cream topping or pair with a favorite cheese selection. It’s the perfect item to add to a picnic basket, as no refrigeration is necessary.

Ball-samico turns a basic kitchen must-have into a unique sensation. This product won the “Best Innovation of the Year” award during the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York in 2017.

“This amazing new product reawakened my senses and the feedback from our customers has been phenomenal, appealing to the home cook and the professional chef alike” said Veera Gaul, PHD and Oil & Vinegar store owner in Greenville, SC.

Ball-samico is now exclusively available at Oil & Vinegar stores in the USA and also available to purchase online at www.oilvinegar.com.

Oil & Vinegar is an innovative and interactive Gourmet Specialty Retail shop filled with a vast range of exclusive or private labeled products made from the highest quality ingredients.  The assortment is carefully selected by a seasoned buying team in Europe and produced by traditional family businesses in the respective country of origin. The care taken in the selection process and quality controls employed is why the products maintain their authentic flavors and superior quality.  As their name suggests, Oil & Vinegar’s specialty is “on-tap” oils and vinegars which consist of only the best quality given a rigorous selection process and long-standing partnerships with only a select few artisan producers around the world.

There are over 100 Oil & Vinegar shops in 12 countries globally, where guests can taste any product, be tempted and advised by knowledgeable staff on combinations and uses leaving the guest with no choice but to take one of each!  Together with the inviting character of the shops, the personal attention for the customer and the way in which gifts are wrapped, a visit to Oil & Vinegar is a memorable culinary experience compelling return visits.

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