SDChain Alliance Forms Strategic Partnership with GiantTrend to Achieve Enhanced Security Performance

Toronto – May 23, 2018 – SDChain Alliance ( forms strategic partnership with GiantTrend to enhance the performance by adopting alternative security options. With GiantTrend’s patented Encryption Remapping Technology (ERT), the strength of data content protection can increase by 10^215 to 10^2639 times or even more.

Encryption is a key part of blockchain. Meanwhile, the modular design of SDChain allows interchangeability of multiple algorithms. Because there are various forms and different types of use case scenarios, security requirements are not always consistent. SDChain abstracts the underlying encryption algorithm and alternative channels of different algorithms to meet various algorithm and security requirements of different IoT applications.

Jason Lai, CEO of GiantTrend Technology, said, “We are proud of our security patents and very excited to collaborate with SDChain to address different security needs with customized encryption process.” David Pan, CEO of SDChian, also stated, “With GiantTrend, it provides added protection that the infrastrucutre needs to prevent from attacks. The integrated platform is designed to accelerate the deployment, goverance and operation in business.”

About GiantTrend

Founded in February 2015, GiantTrend’s mission is to provide information security and service innovation to individuals, companies, IT manufacturers and governments with its patented technology. We envision ourselves as “The world-class data protection solutions provider.” In the trend of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, GiantTrend provide users with an easy and trusted environment to store, retrieve and share files anytime, anywhere from both computers or mobile devices.

About SDChain Alliance

Founded in Canada, the SDChain Alliance leverages blockchain to activate IoT applications. SDChain believes that data from Internet of Things in the physical world should be shared through a fast, trusted and cost-effective blockchain network. Based on the “six-domain model” as a global standardization of the Internet of Things, the network enables data producers and data users in the open partner ecosystem to fully activate the potential of the digital economy and it promotes the development of innovation throughout the industry.

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