Engaging Entrepreneur Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

With its unique and innovative services, ARTIMUS UK grants its clients the opportunities for smart leading technology, easing their tasks and boosting their brands along the way.

Cardiff, UK With its unique and innovative services, ARTIMUS UK grants its clients the opportunities for smart leading technology, easing their tasks and boosting their brands along the way. The company proves that through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions, one can increase their skills and knowledge simply by a click or through using applications. With advanced developmental approaches, ARTIMUS intelligence can produce a quota of calculated deliverables focused on a specific business need.  

Alexander Washbourne, Director of Washbourne Marketing and one of the clients, has praised the company’s steadfast consultation. “ARTIMUS’ commitment to quality and speed of project delivery has helped reduce the time it takes to gather prospect intelligence, a highly repetitive and time intensive but necessary process. Their solution has enabled us to save approximately 2 hours per client, which is pretty remarkable; therefore giving us more time to focus on the highly creative elements of our process and reach key objectives on time.” With software development on the rise, each program strategy engages and promises long-term reliability.

The company ARTIMUS UK has in itself been recognized as a trailblazer for the continuous purpose of artificial intelligence–having recently conducted the launch of a Cardiff-based event that started last February 1st, 2018. The monthly discussion includes hands-on workshops and training sessions that set to raise awareness on the advantages of AI that can help advance to the level of competitiveness and competence in business. Introducing the topic of ‘Machine Learning’, the moderators were Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of brand Automise, David Pugh, a technology specialist and ARTIMUS UK Founder Toby White. Topics in the short lecture would be the latest trends and its evolution to mainstream technologies.

ARTIMUS UK involves itself in its primary services of machine learning, anomaly detection, automated trading, predictive analytics, online securities, and risk assessments—all tools that can provide logical maturity for major impact in a client’s business operations. Living innovation through artificial intelligence, as the company motto suggests, provides direction for would-be entrepreneurs. Serving both England and Wales, it joins its partners (Codez Academy, Tramshed Tech, Greyfly, Red Buckle, Rocky) in bringing technology to various industries.

For more details about multi-use solutions and the company’s credentials and future events, feel free to contact ARTIMUS UK at Tramshed Tech, Clare Rd, Cardiff CF11 6QP, UK, phone number 07826852610, or by email at toby@artimus-uk.com. Visit the official website, https://artimus-uk.com/.

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