A Perfect Finish: Xstar.io’s Global Virtual Trading Contest Draws to a Close with 36 Participating Countries and a Grand Prize of Over 40,000 U.S. Dollars

After a 48-hour long fierce battle, which brought together global users from 36 countries in a bid to win a prize pot of over 40,000 US dollars, Xstar.io’s global virtual trade contest came to a perfect finish at 4 PM on the 22nd May.

Team Battle, Glory for All

Xstar.io is internationally recognized as the leading digital asset trading platform providing the world’s most advanced digital currency trading services. Its payment technology allows asset transfers within milliseconds without delay or stalling. It has digital asset encryption protection with bank-level security and is committed to providing investors around the world with safe, fast and secure digital transaction services.

The global virtual trading contest saw participants grouped together to form battle teams. Each team leader teamed up with 20 players. At the start of the competition, each participating virtual account automatically received a kitty of 5 Bitcoin (BTC) and 250,000XT (Xstar.io digital tokens) of assets. At the end of the game, teams were judged on the assets per capita for their team. The team or individuals who won must have achieved a bidirectional trading volume (that is, buying volume plus selling volume) of no less than 20 BTC.

In the contest, participants competed for two awards: the Best Team Award and Individual Star Award. The prizes exceeded 40,000 US dollars in value and were in various forms of block chain cryptocurrency including 1.1 Bitcoins (BTCs), 5.5 Ethereum tokens (ETHs), 110 EOS tokens, 260,000 LoMoCoins (LMCs) and 236,000 XTs (Xstar.io platform’s tokens which have a total circulation of 1 billion and can be traded on the market as well as used on the Xstar.io platform.) Once the Xstar.io Exchange Version 2.0 is officially launched, the winner’s rewards will be released to their Xstar.io account and will be open to exchange across different cryptocurrencies such as BTC and XT, BTC and LMC.

Warmly welcomed by 36 countries
Xstar.io has a global focus and aims to allow more users from around the world to experience their new, innovative model in block chain digital currency transactions. This competition brought together users from 36 countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and India. The captains teamed together members of different nationalities and different languages to form group matches and borderless transactions. Masayoshi Son of Softbank once said “Digital assets will become the largest asset of mankind”. Xstar.io is exploring the method of trade matching via block chain transactions, promoting cutting-edge

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