ICOminter – A Free and Easy Way to Earn Cryptocurrency

Ever heard of Bitcoin or wanted to invest in cryptocurrency but you don’t have the funds or know-how to get started. Introducing ICOminter by CellBones Technologies – an app that allows users to earn FREE crypto-tokens by using your mobile device to mine tokens, play games, watch video ads, answer quiz questions and complete surveys.

ICOminter is a new, simple, and intuitive way to get paid for doing simple tasks that you already do today.  ICOminter features six notable characteristic that make it unique in the rewards app category:

  • Tokens earned are Pre-ICO – you can earn tokens before they even accept investor funds.
  • Hold tokens or shop – you can hold your tokens while you earn more, or you can use tokens earned at the online store www.manofreedom.store.
  • Language support – the app comes in English, Spanish, French and Arabic with German coming soon.
  • User friendly – features an easy-to-use and attractive interface that anyone can adapt to without having to watch tutorials.
  • Low threshold – when you earn 20,001 reward points, the app will automatically send cryptocurrency tokens to your digital wallet.
  • Token value – when the user earns tokens the value of the token is created by advertising within the app.   With ICOminter, the user benefits along with all token holders when ads are served.

ICOminter is developed by CellBONES Technology which is planning an ICO in the near future. The tokens earned today are pre-ICO and is the only ICO that pays users to participate.   The tokens are called BONES and based on the WAVES Blockchain.   In July, the ICOminter buy-back program will begin where the funds earned from the ads served will be used to purchase BONES tokens on the DEX exchange, thus creating the minimum value of the tokens. 

After ICOminter completes their ICO, the community of users can then use the app to earn Pre-ICO tokens of other popular projects.   The ICOminter community will be able to raise funds for new ICO’s without the users ever having to spend their own money.   If the user does not wish to hold tokens then they can shop online or trade the tokens for other popular coins on the DEX exchange.   CellBONES Technology has designed the app so it can be branded and customized for any Enterprise looking for a customer blockchain app.   The app is also an excellent choice for any large charities that desire a branded app to enable people from around the world to easily earn and donate funds  Even users who lack funds, but have a mobile device and internet access can donate using their time and the funds would go directly to the local charity in need.

CellBONES Technologies is developed by Silicon Valley leadership and is on a mission to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.   You can download the app, earn and receive tokens all without needing a bank account, credit card or existing funds. 

Visit their Google Play Store page at bit.ly/2IYczKC to download their app, or visit their other links at:

Company website: www.cellbones.com

App website: www.icominter.com

Email: info@cellbones.com

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