Chirpi, the ‘social media network phonebook’, the innovative app that millennials need

Chirpi is the newly launched utility app that serves as a social media network phonebook for the users. Chirpi is a highly functional mobile application that aims to streamline the speed, accuracy, and security of wirelessly sharing personal contact information and social media network usernames. It basically generates a unique QR code that aggregates all contact information and usernames of the user on various social media platforms for sharing it with someone using a simple QR scan. By doing so, the user can create a compact phonebook of all their social media platforms for easily sharing it with their friends and family members.

The app has received great reviews from users on both App Store and Google Play. Over thousands of users have already downloaded the app and left several good reviews for it on both the app downloading platforms. One of the users on Google Play mentions, “Chirpi is a fantastic app that really just makes your working life, as well as your personal life, much easier. It includes an incredible user-friendly interface in addition to very responsive commands. The developers are also quick to answer any troubles or recommendations that you may have. But the beauty of Chirpi is how it simplifies the complexity of your friends and families’ numerous social media information into the tap of one button. Great Job”.

Chirpi works for almost all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Weibo, Snow etc. Using this app, the user can share the QR code generated by them and also scan the other user’s QR code to save them all in their own Chirpi phonebook. The App Store users also have a lot to say about the app. One of the iOS users called Chirpi the ‘most practical app ever’ and says in their review, “So glad to have found this, makes contact sharing so much easier. Helps a lot with networking”. 

The app founder, Alexandra Assouad, has considered that there are millions of people worldwide that use different social media networks and her aim was to make the social media experience even better for the users. She went on to implement her ideas which resulted in the development of Chirpi, an app that makes networking easier at school, office, clubs and other places. The users can simply login into the app using their Facebook account, or phone number and start accessing various features.

In addition, Chirpi is available for free download at Google Play and App Store.

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