PinkDate Global Dating Platform powered by Cryptocurrency

PinkDate Global Dating Platform, powered by a cryptocurrency offering in the form of PDP token shares is using the latest blockchain technology to provide a global dating platform.

The Global Dating Market is Huge

The annual dating market is estimated to be more than $157 billion worldwide and despite this huge market, there are no international leaders in this marketspace.

PinkDate, is issuing an ICO token share, a security token that pays dividends every three months. It is a secure encrypted platform to help operate efficiently and confidentially, with the goal of cutting out the middleman.

PinkDate is the first anonymously-operated, worldwide dating platform that combines verification, booking, scheduling, and payment in a single platform.

President Sarah Stevens, “The PinkDate platform offers an enhanced companionship experience to adults who value confidentiality.”

PinkDate provides a secure online meeting place for planning a date where people are pre-verified. This results in increased safety, convenience and peace of mind.

PinkDate gives women around the world, the power to cut out the middlemen and manage their lives on their own terms. Using PinkDate, women can easily manage all aspects of their dating life including schedules. The platform also offers access to a large database of pre-verified men to choose from as they may like.

In the current market, for each new date men must again undergo a separate verification process.

And the way things have been until now, the client must repeat this verification process with each new date. It’s frustrating and time-consuming. Men hate having to send their private info by text to unknown people. The verification process is very time-consuming for women too, and estimates are that verifying and scheduling wastes as much as 70% of the time.

PinkDate gathered interview data from dozens of women and men to develop a complete all-in-one dating platform. The users on this platform can browse, swipe to select, click to make an appointment.

PinkDate’s Machine Learning provides Optimal Matching

PinkDate will use Machine Learning to maximize discoverability and best matches based on men or women’s preferences. PinkDate’s learning engine will learn what type of photos and preferences each user prefers. Preferences depend on characteristics that aren’t immediately apparent and PinkDate will automatically optimize this to present the best matches.

PinkDate is Organized as an Extra-Jurisdictional Organization

PinkDate was designed and built to be resistant to legislative interference.

PinkDate is organized as an extra-jurisdictional organization, which means it is not subject to any specific country’s rules and regulations. This non-jurisdictional nature assures that PinkDate will continue to operate successfully even in areas where the PinkDate Dating Platform may not be appreciated or allowed by local jurisdictions.

PinkDate is secure and has implemented a Tor-based infrastructure, encrypted connections and hidden databases and has no servers located in North America.

The PinkDate Crypto-Currency ICO

PinkDate had completed a Pre-ICO in February 2018, and is now launching an ICO to raise the funds required for development and marketing.

ICO offerings have proven to be a very popular method of raising funds, with some ICOs raising more than $100 million. And 2017 has seen the rise of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, zCash, and many others already on the market in 2018.

PinkDate token shares represent an investment in a real and profitable business and pay dividends every three months out of profit. Investors in the PinkDate ICO benefit in two ways — from the dividends as paid, and potential rise in the value of the token shares.


PinkDate is a privately-held company which shares profits with its ICO investors through payment of dividends every three months. It is an extra-jurisdictional organization operating virtually, not subject to any one country’s rules and regulations.

More information and a technical whitepaper (written in the understandable language) on the PinkDate ICO and the PinkDate Dating Platform can be found at for more information:

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