Creative Animodel Introduces Advanced Kinase Screening & Profiling by Using a Cutting-edge Compound Management System

Creative Animodel today announced the introduction of compound management system, a new data technical platform for kinase services.

Creative Animodel today announced the introduction of compound management system, a new data technical platform for kinase services.  With this platform, Creative Animodel is able to manage project data more efficiently for clients.

Developed in a scientific collaboration with an indoor technology laboratory in New York, the new platform is based on Creative Animodel’s previous technology and will drive lead discovery and optimization programs by enabling researchers to rapidly and quantitatively characterize potential inhibitors.

Kinase is a type of enzyme that adds phosphate groups to other molecules, such as sugars or proteins. This may cause other molecules in the cell to become either active or inactive. A large number of kinases exist—the human genome contains at least 500 kinase-encoding genes. Included among these enzymes’ targets for phosphate group addition (phosphorylation) are proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Protein kinases and phosphatases are enzymes catalysing the transfer of phosphate between their substrates. A protein kinase catalyses the transfer of -phosphate from ATP (or GTP) to its protein substrates while a protein phosphatase catalyses the transfer of the phosphate from a phosphoprotein to a water molecule. 

“In order to understand structure/activity relationships, avoid targets with toxic liabilities and select satisfying drug candidates, it is essential to conduct a wild range of screening and profiling for new kinase inhibitors programs. We provide biochemical assays and cell-based assays for your kinase-based drug discovery,” said by Anna Miller, PhD in microbiology and immunology.

About Creative Animodel

Founded in 2005, Creative Animodel is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Shirley, New York, with additional vendors or distributors all over the world.

The Company pioneered kinases services by offering nearly 500 kinases to help clients to conduct kinase screening and profiling for selectivity testing and deliver reliable results in a rapid timeline to assist clients with getting data quickly. The company is a professional contract research organization offering kinase screening and profiling for kinases-based drug discovery. With years of experience in kinase screening and profiling, it offers professional and reliable information to accelerate the process of kinase drug discovery.

In addition to kinases services, Creative Animodel also provides ADME, DMPK, or Toxicology related services.

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