U-Cognito, the new subscription-based private and secure social network launches on Kickstarter

“What Happens in U-Cognito stays in U-Cognito”
It’s time for an alternative state of the art social web eco-system that is private and secure.

The recent revelations of data leaks and usage by some of the major social media networks has sent waves of outrage across people worldwide, raising major concerns about privacy and security of the users online information. Considering this, U-Cognito has built a new kind of subscription-based social media network that gives utmost priority to maintaining the privacy and security of the users online information. Users of U-Cognito will have full ownership rights to their data. It is now live on Kickstarter and aims to raise capital to support the platform and expand the community by providing a number of perks and rewards to the backers for supporting the campaign.

While some of the major social media platforms are available for free use, the users give up some of their ownership rights to their data to the site owner to monetize the site. The U-Cognito network, on the other hand, charges a nominal subscription fee of $12 yearly for basic membership and $25 yearly for premium membership. U-Cognito will ensure that all the data shared on it is completely safe and will not be given to any third-party. U-Cognito is here to give the control of it’s members online information back to the users so that they have peace of mind while sharing content on the social media platform. U-Cognito will abide by a list of pledges that will define user rights, security and privacy policies.

U-Cognito will have all the functionality and features of currently popular social networks and the added advantage of full data privacy & security of the users data. The members of this platform will have full ownership rights to their data. Unlike the other social networks, the platform will feature an easy to read and understand Terms of Service agreement. The users will need to provide minimal data to subscribe and use U-Cognito. U-Cognito will collect data for internal use only. U-Cognito will put special emphasis on verifying that third-party apps on the platform do not collect user data. By using the latest security tools and policies, U-Cognito strives to protect the data of the whole platform.

U-Cognito is built using the open source platform Boonex: UNA. UNA has the ability to support remote storage and a large-scale deployment to support millions of users worldwide. Being built on UNA will allow U-Cognito to offer the full features and benefits of a social web eco-system. U-Cognito be will be run on highly secure servers.

More information about the U-Cognito platform can be found at Kickstarter.com.

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Website: www.u-cognito.com

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