‘Pick The Mind’ creates Patreon fundraiser to launch his entertainment and news podcast on a wide range of topics

Pick The Mind has launched a fundraiser on Patreon.com for launching his own podcast channel that will provide entertaining news and content, from around the internet. His podcast will cover a wide range of topics ranging from educational, journalistic to entertainment. This fundraiser will help him to establish his channel properly and grow his userbase gradually. The backers can also get a lot of exciting rewards for supporting the fundraiser.

The idea to create this podcast was born out of the need that most of the people on the web like quality information and news which is served in an entertaining manner. This is also one reason why platforms like Cable television, YouTube and Radio have gained vast popularity worldwide. The podcast is a new kind of information channel which has gained popularity in the past few years yet there has been a dearth of dedicated Podcast channels that are committed to providing entertaining news and information. This is why Pick The Mind is now on a mission to build an exciting new channel through which he will provide the most exciting news to its audience.

The success of Patreon campaign will ensure that he is able to make this project a reality and continue to build a community which is better informed while having a little fun along the way. The supporters of this campaign can get exciting rewards such as by contributing $5 per month, they can receive transcripts of each episode along with fully annotated and linked references for the show notes, contributing research, recommended reading and most importantly, other podcast episodes that cover the similar subject matter. After getting at least 25 contributors for this perk, Pick The Mind will produce either long-form PDFs or e-books containing each series of transcripts.

The other option for the supporters is to become a Tier two contributor by donating $25 per month. The Tier two contributors will receive all tier one rewards. If this perk reaches a minimum of ten contributors, the channel will produce a bonus episode which will be exclusive to the contributors. The Tier three perk allows the contributor to become an “Associate Producer” by donating $100 per month. They will have access to all the rewards of Tier one and Tier Two along with in-episode credits for every episode produced during the time they are contributing. If Pick the Mind reaches five Tier Three Associate Producers, he will record bonus material for each episode covering the highlights of his research, show notes, and annotations.

More information about the campaign and the rewards can be found at patreon.com/pickthemind.

In case of any queries, drop a message to pickthemind25@gmail.com.

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