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After more than 14 years in business, Eidelman and Associates are a well-established law firm in downtown Allentown PA.  This law firm was started in January 2004 by Mary J. B. Eidelman and has a comprehensive portfolio of legal capabilities including child support, family law mediation services, personal injury claims and high net worth divorce cases.

Mary Eidelman, an attorney with a 30 plus legal career, and an appointee of the court of Common Pleas in Lehigh County as Divorce Master, 1995-2001, it is comfortable with divorce proceedings where spouses are on amicable terms and also with aggressive litigation if required.  She is the principal at Eidelman & Associates that serves a community of Allentown, the largest town in Lehigh Valley with a population of some 125,000 residents at the last census.  She is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar association amongst other legal bodies.

Ed Edelman, partner is a member of the team at Eidelman & Associates.  Ed is a trial lawyer with a B.A.  and M.A.  Summa Cum laude from the State University College of Buffalo.  Ed has been a trial lawyer for 34 years and has won major medical malpractice suits, some in excess or $24 million. He has also won numerous acquittals in first-degree homicide cases. Ed is also Vice president and General Counsel of a major electronic company engaged in electronic management and radio imaging.  You can contact Ed Eidelman on 610-437-7850

Jennifer Grossi, associate, compliments the team at Eidelman & Associates.  Jennifer who amongst her other accomplishments, is a certified domestic violence practitioner and divorce attorney.  She was admitted to the bar, U.S. District Court Of Pennsylvania in 1997 and the Supreme Court, Pennsylvania also in 1997.  Jennifer Grossi specializes in Family & Matrimonial Litigation, Child Custody Support, Domestic Violence/Abuse matters and Matrimonial Property and Alimony in Divorce cases.  The firm has expertise and knowledge when it comes to handling matters such as child support and especially where alimony payments are concerned.  Family law is quite intricate and a professional is required to explain the ins and outs of these procedures and the rights of both parents.  You can reach Jennifer Grossi on 610-437-7850.

Should you have been involved in an accident and suffered serious personal injury the chances are you need a capable attorney to ensure the correct procedures are carried out and that compensation, if due, is handed over without fuss.  Many of these injury cases can be quite amicably settled out of court however, you do need the services of a personal injury attorney to handle these matters.  The firm generally handles business start-ups as well.  Starting a business in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton or surrounding area requires the legal support and guidance of a local attorney.  If you are starting a new business in the area there are a number of legal matters to be addressed.  Mary Edelman is extremely familiar with new business startups.  Mary and her team have a combined experience of 30 years or more.  

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