If you are looking for an article worth to read that has a quality content about the latest tech and startup businesses, ideas, concepts and anything that are positive in nature that you can think of, introducing Fyxes.

Fyxes is an online publication website that is solely dedicated to startups and sponsorship opportunities to the brightest people in different fields. This website provides regularly updated content articles about the latest news and development about innovations in technology that are beneficial to everyone.

Fyxes provides a very good exposure for startups and in this way, it is the perfect outlet to share young entrepreneur’s ideas about their products and services that they offer which is mainly focused on technology development which is designed to be sustainable and at the same time benefits everyone in the community.

In this knowledge-based society, getting to know the innovation that serves as the machine that keeps the economy thriving in all aspects, it is important to be informed about the latest updates of what is new in technology and due to the rampant spreading of fake news articles online it is critical and important for an online publication website to regularly feed the people with the right and factual information they deserve rather than being dragged to a click bait which gives them satire news.

This is what Fyxes wanted to achieve considering that there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who have their own startup businesses that offer fresh and innovative ideas that are often ignored by mainstream media who focus their attention to the big leagues in the business industry. This is crucial considering that these startups would become the future business brands people will patronize that is why Fyxes’ young and gritty writers continue to discover more and more blossoming startups in the United States that deserves the much-needed exposure.


Fyxe can also let young aspiring writers who have their own interesting stories to tell in their articles submit and can be posted on the website through Typeform.com.

For those interested in submitting their stories to Fyxe, a writer can either choose between general topics, topics about applications and software, or create an article regarding general topics and environmental topics.

Fyxe regularly updates its website with interesting articles that are worth the read. Fyxe has different articles tackling different topics and stories in its official website that already has more than 5,000 newsletter subscribers.


• Akudo McGee- She already posted 100 high-quality articles about some unique application software from different parts of the world. The University of Amsterdam masters student from North Holland is a bookworm and an outdoor activity enthusiast.
• Angel Kristoff- This professional writer who studies at the Penn State University already posted 17 articles regarding startups, social commerce, and sustainability.
• Nichole Schack- A young writer from Christiansburg, Virginia, she already uploaded 12 articles in Fyxes Fyxes about startups and applications.
• Nicole Fryer- A student who is a part-time writer, studying English non-fiction at the University of Pittsburgh already has 16 published articles on the website.
• Olivia O’Mahony- This New Yorker who is an Irish by birth is a degree holder in English literature and already posted 41 articles for Fyxes.
• Kiera Sweden- A dedicated writer who still studies in high school in Michigan already published eight articles on the website.
• Sandra Prieto- She already posted six articles and she is a communications student and an aspiring writer from Florida.
• Michael Yon- A senior college who is a major in Global studies submits articles during his free time as he considers writing as a hobby. The Lubbock, Texas native already published 26 articles for Fyxes.

It might be noticed that the writers mentioned above are students and technically young, it is because Fyxes wants young aspiring writers to express their interests and let their creativity in news making and journalism be noticed. Fyxes is a specialized group of writers driven with the same goal to provide people with real-time news articles about startup and tech related topics.

To contact Fyxes, one can visit its website at www.Fyxes.com

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