Pre-owned phone buying gets Safer than ever with SmartMobo

SmartMobo assures to protect used cell phone buyers from used phone scams by providing a comprehensive diagnostic report on the used device so that potential buyers can buy safely, based on an informed decision.

New York, NY – May 23, 2018 – No more risks of getting scammed while buying used cellphones or tablets. Great news for those planning to buy pre-owned cellphones but apprehensive of used cellphone scams. A new diagnostic tool has recently been launched to protect used cellphone buyers from frauds through comprehensive diagnostic report of used mobile devices. 

Titled as “SmartMobo”, the diagnostic resource acts as the CarFax for used cellphone industry. 

“Used cellphone scams are an alarming issue these days and the numbers are rising with each passing day. Used phone buyers are taking back home an apparently working device only to discover the phone is unable to run more than a month given hidden damage. And this is where SmartMobo comes to the rescue. For the first time, you are getting a diagnostic report for used cellphones that will provide you authentic and accurate information about the history and current status of your phone. What CarFax is to used car buyers, SmartMobo is to used cellphone consumers. With SmartMobo report, used phone buyers will now be able to take the most informed decision while buying a used phone”, stated David Weathers, the CEO and co-founder of SmartMobo.

SmartMobo has come up as the most credible resource to top rated A+ used mobile phone dealers. The company counts on a revolutionary diagnostic software that is able to perform extensive check on all Android and iOS devices. The SmartMobo report offers an in-depth 29-point diagnostic check system and reveals any issue regarding all the major aspects of a cellphone, including:

  • Touch-screen failure
  • Lock/unlock status
  • Finance status
  • Battery failure
  • Camera failure
  • Stolen or loss status
  • Outstanding payment and billing status
  • And more

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get a SmartMobo report for a used cellphone or tablet.

  • Look for a SmartMobo authorized Advantage Dealer in your area from
  • Go to the dealer’s store and choose a preferred used cellphone
  • Get a FREE diagnostic check from SmartMobo Advantage Dealer to get a comprehensive report on the history and present status of the phone. If everything is okay for you, and the phone shows 100% functionality, buy it. If the report shows concern, leave the chosen model and look for a better option

“We are fed up of seeing innocent used phone buyers getting scammed by fraudulent used phone dealers. SmartMobo is launched with the vision to empower used phone buyers to take the most educated and intelligent decision while buying pre-owned phones. We assure you the safest way to buy used phones in a fully transparent environment.” 

SmartMobo also assures complete security with mobile repair. Some unethical repair technicians and repair shops have been found to sabotage their clients’ cell phone intentionally only to draw hefty repair bills from the users. Besides, some of the technicians may accidentally damage the phone during repair process and then report the damage as already existing. But SmartMobo guarantees to save cellphone users from such illicit acts of unethical repair shops and technicians. 

“At SmartMobo, we help you to get in touch with the most trusted repair shops that ensure a professional and fair service always. Moreover, when you will go to the repair shop, our diagnostic report will present a complete picture of the current condition of the phone before the shop or technician takes it for repair. This way, you will have a comprehensive idea beforehand about the actual faults in the phone and the repair shop or the technician too won’t have the chance to deceive you with inflated bills.” 

SmartMobo is offering warranty protection for registered members. As part of the warranty, members can get their phone fixed at a local SmartMobo Repair Shop at a nominal deductible and SmartMobo will soon reimburse the amount after the repair has been done. 

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