Brad Chandler Coaches About Real Estate Marketing

Brad Chandler, CEO of Express Homebuyers, coaches about real estate marketing

Brad Chandler is a real estate marketing coach. His services lie predominantly on giving advice to real estate companies and individuals who wish to boost their sales. He is currently based in Springfield.

Brad Chandler has a colorful set of credentials in the real estate industry. First, he is the CEO of Express Homebuyers and has contributed 2,100 sales to the company. And second, he has been in 5,000 and more housing transactions. With this experience, Brad Chandler is knowledgeable in the field. This makes him fit to be a real estate coach.

His coaching program has several courses. The “Wholesaling to Freedom” course is one of his major courses in the program. In this course, he teaches essential skills and strategies to establish a successful real estate business. He also offers group coaching calls, use of real estate software, and advanced sales training in the course.

The course has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If a member is unsatisfied with the course, they can expect a full refund. So long as the refund is requested 30 days after the start of the program.

To support the effectivity of the course, Brad Chandler has a private forum where members can pose questions. This forum is a closed group where members can ask questions, seek support, and network among other members.

Interested clients can apply for the course through an application form. Once the form is filled out, interested clients will then be asked to book a call on their scheduling page.

It is important to note that the slots in the course are limited.

Other than the “Wholesaling to Freedom” course, Brad Chandler has other learning programs. He has podcasts and videos that teach how to convert leads and close more deals. These podcasts and videos can be viewed for free and available to be viewed on his website.

Brad Chandler can be contacted through his company landline number or by filling out an inquiry form on his website. He can also be reached through his social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. The links to these accounts are provided on his website. 

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