‘Speak Out!’ Becomes the #1 Amazon international Bestseller in Five Categories Including Voice and Public Speaking

What is the second topmost fear worldwide after death? Public speaking! The frustration, nervousness and butterflies are known to anyone who has ever stood on the stage, podium or even in a small classroom. This is about to change with Lorna Earnshaw’s book ‘Speak Out!’, which has now become the #1 Amazon international bestseller in the US and Brazil in five categories, including public speaking and voice.

The sizzle reel for ‘Speak Out’ is available for download from Vimeo.

Fear of public speaking, especially during meetings, sales pitches or presentations can impede opportunities for professional growth. Not being able to express oneself up to one’s full potential translates into the audience assuming unconsciously that the work, product or professional skills of the speaker are poor as well.

Recent research reveals that 7% of Americans fear public speaking – that is about 27 million Americans! Public speaking fear has 10% impairment in wages, 10% impairment on college graduation and 15% impairment on promotion to management.

The good news is, speaking skills can be developed with the right guidance, even by those who fear it the most! This is exactly the aim of “Speak Out! How to Sound and Look Great to Influence, Win your Audience and Sell More. Feel Confident, Persuade and Deliver your Best Authentically while On-Stage, On-Camera, and during Business Presentations and Meetings”.

Lorna Earnshaw is a Trilingual Winning Presence Coach, voice expert and instructor. Through proven techniques for mastering their voice, non-verbal communication, word choice and especially to overcome public speaking anxiety, she has helped more than 60,000 people through the internet and more than 350 students in her private lessons for the past 15 years.

My approach combines the strong foundation of my formal studies as a journalist, as a singer-songwriter and vocal coach, with online marketing techniques I have practiced as an online entrepreneur and marketing consultant,” says Earnshaw, and states in her book – “The secret is to stay connected to your audience, to your mission and to speak from your heart.”

Through her work in training speakers, entrepreneurs, authors and corporate leaders to present themselves powerfully and deliver their best and win an audience even under pressure, Lorna has become a social media influencer, with more than 5 million views on her YouTube and Facebook channels altogether, while some of her educational videos have been seen more than 1.7 million times individually.

In order to be a powerful presenter, you need to be focused on your audience and on the importance of delivering your message to each one of them. When you are connected to your mission, you will forget about your nervousness and you will be perceived as an authority,” says Lorna.

Lorna is a vocal coach, speaker, singer, songwriter and online marketing consultant based in Hollywood (CA). Of English descent, she graduated in Journalism in Argentina and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting in Los Angeles. Lorna has been teaching vocals since 2003 and, in 2012, she released her own vocal method, “Fundamentals of Vocal Technique”.

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