Quzhongzhou Brand Lands on New York Times Square, Attracting Whole World’s Attention

The Times Square, in midtown Manhattan, is known as the “crossroads of the world”, with about 330,000 people passing through every day. Located in the northwest corner of the Times Square, Nasdaq screen is not only the Nasdaq stock market’s main method of commercial marketing, but also attracting CNN, BBC and other various media reporters by timely report on the screen. Chinese Internet giants such as Alibaba, JD.com and Baidu are competing to raise their brand awareness internationally through Nasdaq screen.

Beijing time May 1, 2018, Quzhongzhou, a leading brand of problematic skin repair from Shandong Liaocheng Qushi Biological Technology co., LTD, landed on the New York Times Square landmark—- Nasdaq screen. In January of this year, “Quzhongzhou” brand was awarded “the most influential enterprise in the industry of 2017” in the annual Excellent Enterprise Awards ceremony held by Baike.com. As is known to all, this award is a regarded as a leading indicator of the industry, and the winning enterprise will be recognized as a monument to the industry. Quzhongzhou, as the representative of China’s problematic skin repair industry, stood shoulder to shoulder with international brands, and paid tribute to the global workers by landing on the screen! The company has shown its brand image and innovation to the world.

In recent years, along with coming era of Chinese consumption upgrade, the beauty industry has also enjoyed it golden age. Consumers’ brand awareness rises, and their demands for products also require individuation, culture and taste. Because of the trend, Shandong Liaocheng QuShi Biological Technology co., LTD., who claims “light culture”, landed on the New York’s Times Square conspicuously during the period of the May 1st, the International Labor Day. Standing on the world big stage, it showcased itself, as well as its confidence in quality, to the whole industry and the whole world.

The brand Quzhongzhou, creating “pure and natural medical skin care” brand concept, is a safe, effective, innovative and fashionable brand of beauty. Among various kinds of problematic skin repair brands, Quzhongzhou uses ancestral secret recipe combined with modern biological technology to extract the medicinal materials of Chinese medicine ingredients. Its product can function on color spots, dissolve the pigment deposition in skin, promote the gradual decomposition, finally make the spots scab and fall off naturally, thus thoroughly remove all kinds of spots, achieve the goal of beautifying skin. Quzhongzhou will definitely satisfy those who pursue natural beauty.

Up to now, Quzhongzhou has had more than 2,600 franchised stores across China, covering the domestic large and small cities, and is capturing the market in Japan, Myanmar and other foreign countries. The number of newly-open franchised stores each month is 300. Quzhongzhou wins satisfaction among consumers because its effects are far beyond other similar brands. At the same time, Quzhongzhou will continue to focus on the customers’ upgrading demand, and to carry out more investment in various aspects such as product upgrade and cultural product customization. Whether in company operation, or in brand services, Quzhongzhou takes the spirit of craftsman’s spirit, dedicated to deliver pure, natural, safe and effective life attitudes to people pursuing beauty. Quzhongzhou is sure to create comfortable, fashionable and super valuable experience for customers, and starts a new era of beauty industry!

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