Leading Social Bookmarking Service Provider Adds Video Clipping To Their List of Available Services

Phoenix, AZ – Klooji which is quickly establishing itself as a market leader in the Social Bookmarking field thanks to its excellent tagging and storage systems, continues to develop their business with new and innovative features.

Today they are delighted to announce that they are giving their users the ability to clip video content, which effectively means that whatever the content a user values or wants to store for future reference Klooji now provides that capability.

One of the most advanced and powerful features of the Klooji system, which sets them apart in the social bookmarking industry is their intelligent use of nested hashtags. These hashtags ensure that a user can quickly locate and reference a piece of content they may have saved months or even years ago. Leading online Influencers find this system invaluable, as it enables them to quickly find and then link to a piece of information or moving forward a video to validate and back up their knowledge and arguments.

“Information is power, but with a virtually unlimited amount of information available on the internet, it can be a challenge to store and revisit content from even 24 hours ago, never mind six months,” said David Hirschfeld of Klooji Web Clipping. “Our mission was to design and develop a system which enabled our users to store, tag and reference content on the internet, almost like a personalized library or search engine, designed exclusively for each individual. The only missing component in our suite of tools was the ability to clip video, which is why we are delighted today to complete the entire set, especially as video is such an important and growing form of content online.”

Kloojj’s mission is to expand the social media experience from entertainment only into something useful that improves the quality of people’s lives, makes social media both entertaining and purposeful. For more information about the company or to try out their systems visit their website at kloojj.com/search-DIY

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