Collaborative Software: A Solution for Increased Productivity

Collaborative software is a great tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes, including virtual based offices. It is useful for group-based projects where multiple employees are working on a single assignment, or otherwise need to actively communicate in real time. Modern intranets offer much more and have become capable platforms to help production and ease workload in many industries. 

Benefits of Collaborative Software 

• Cloud based 
• Virtual meeting spaces 
• Customized platforms 
• Social news feeds 
• Tasks 
• Team calendars 
• Team spaces 
• Blogs 
• Wikis 
• File sharing 
• Collaborative file editing 
• Integrates with other services, such as Box, Dropbox, Skype, and more. 

Different software developers will have options, but a solution exists for every business or organization. Some offer easy to use interfaces, like IGLOO Software, which features an extremely helpful drag and drop interface that makes setup a breeze. 

Who Needs Collaborative Software? 

The simple answer is everyone. How many times has an employee worked diligently on a project only to discover another team member had already finished the task? With collaborative software that alerts, or enables instant communication, saves time, which employees can apply where needed. Simply put, in the digital age, employees need collaboration and communication to do their jobs effectively. 

Imagine having a private area where employees could log in and share not only their work, but also their ideas for future projects, their company-centered goals, or easily utilize implemented incentive programs for their contributions. This creates a relaxed but productive workplace. 

Problem solving tasks take less time because communication is quicker than with traditional e-mail. When issues arise, team members can also tackle it together and work toward an effective solution. Alternatively, using a calendar feature allows groups to know exactly when a project is due, or a member will be unavailable. 

Quickly share memos or create helpful articles on an employee run blog or wiki platform. By developing strong reference materials that are easy to find, employees do not need to waste time finding the information they seek. Click to read more about the benefits of collaborative software

Who Already Uses Collaborative Software? 

This is a short list, but the Society for Human Resource Management uses collaborative software to connect their 285,000 globally located members. Their public and private site shows collaborative software in use through an extensive blog interface. Facebook is another example. At its heart, the social media giant is a type of public collaboration, with private options, though their model leans toward public sharing via social feeds, pictures, group and page creation, and integrated chat with friends and family. 

One setback companies often face are employees that are hesitant to try a new system. Even the most tech savvy team will have a few holdouts who prefer their methods. The best solution is to ease them slowly over to the system, making sure to lead by example, and to not simply drop them in the program. Start with smaller projects and show them how their increased production and real time communication make a difference for the company and team.

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