With The Tide – Snail Trailer (Irish Abortion Film)

Artist at Red Pin
credit: SAMEROCK

As Ireland votes on 25th May YES or NO to remove legislation preventing medical professionals from carrying out abortions, SAMEROCK just released the first trailer for their much anticipated short-film “With The Tide”.

With The Tide is about a doctor who performs an emergency abortion in order to save his patient in Ireland, where abortions are illegal under the 8th Amendment.

The 35 seconds stand for each of the 35 years since 8th Amendment was introduced in 1983.

The story was written out of frustration with Ireland’s exportation of women seeking an abortion and is being released in time for the Referendum, kicking off at 7.00am on the 25th May. The short film was shot in a number of locations across Ireland, including a Parish Centre in South Dublin, which kindly allowed the use of their premises for the abortion scene.

The film stars Tad Morari as Doctor, Gerry Gannon as Artist, Unknown as Mother and Brian Fox as Nurse. The story is written by Eugene Markovski and Nicole McCormack and the film is the directorial debut of Cora D’Arcy. With The Tide is produced by Ben O’Beirne, with original cello composition by Andrew Hegarty and an original song “Cold on the Scene Without You” by FRAUD with guest vocals by Clare O’Kennedy and saxophone by Mason McMillen. The film is coming soon to festivals across Ireland and Internationally, but you can see sneak previews by following our social media channels.

Check out the website for exclusive previews: www.samerock.com/withthetide

The mission of SAMEROCK is to “Create beautiful media for beautiful causes”. We are a collective of storytellers and have been creating and producing original content since 2016.

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