The Most Controversial Swimsuit This Season is not Bikini

Swimsuit is almost here, depending on whether a person lives in a cooler swimming Canada or warmer climate. This means deciding between the swimsuit that is season for 2018 or one that work for a woman’s body type. For instance, the most common type of swimsuit is the bikini. A Bikini is a two-piece swimsuit. The top resembles a bra and can be strapless or have strings. The bottom resembles panties. The halter-suit ties behind the neck. This means a halter swimsuit can be in a bikini or bathing suit. 

Traditional Options for Swimwear in 2018 

Swimwear companies like Swimco are compiling many swimsuits to meet all types of body types. For swimwear with more coverage, a woman may invest in a one-piece bathing suit. The maillot can have a deep V-neck, regular straps or bandeau. The bottom of the swimwear is ranges from low-to high-cut in the leg area. For women wanting to get away from a revealing bikini, a tankini is an option, but it is not the trendiest swimwear item this year. The tankini is a two-piece swimwear which features a bikini, panty-like bottom and a tank-like top. The top covers the entire torso. 
Another swimwear option is the skirted swimwear. This type of swimwear can be a one-piece bathing suit or a two-piece suit. It features a short skirt attached to the waist or hip area of the swim shorts. 

The Romper is the Swimwear Causing So Much Controversy in 2018 

If fanny packs can make a comeback, so can the swim romper. A swim romper is a type of swimwear made famous decades ago. A swim romper is a one-piece bathing suit with shorts on the bottom. The middle of the swimwear has a gathering of material in the middle. The material may be cinched-in the middle or bunched up depending on the style of romper. The swim romper is a most conservative look that has been featured in swimwear for the last decade. 

Many Women are not Fans of the Romper 

As soon as many swimwear designers debuted their swim rompers, many women took to social media to vent and provide a “my response” to the swim romper. Most wrote that they were unfaltering to a woman’s figure. One woman complained the romper was great until they had to go to the restroom. 

Designers are Trying to Amp Up the Swim Romper to Fit Women’s Tastes 

Designers have added various types of necklines to the romper to make it more appealing to customers. For instance, some rompers feature a halter neckline. They’ve also changed the front to feature different looks such as the series of ripples in the front or a decorative tie front. The goal is for the swim romper to be the chic and trendy while maintaining a high comfort level. The swim romper is definitely a different look for swimwear. For the last couple of years, swimwear designers have trended towards giving women options to cover their swimsuits or different one-piece options. This is the most conservative yet.

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