GNFEI Has Just Introduced Its Latest Printer and Coffee Ripple Devices To Global Clients

GNFEI has just launched its latest product of printer and coffee ripple devices. The R2000 DX5 DTG printer series, A4 Smart UV Flatbed Printer, and The Coffee Ripples Machine of the GNFEI are now available in the market.

GNFEI as the one of the leading companies that produce printers and the coffee machines production has just announced its latest products to customers. There are three products that are soon launched to public, they are the A4 Smart UV Flatbed Printer, Coffee Ripples printing machine, and R2000 DX5 DTG 3A t – shirt printer. Those three devices are come with their strengths and unique abilities to differentiate them with similar products that are already around in the market now.

The first product that will be released soon by the GNFEI is A4 Smart UV Flatbed Printer. This DTG printer offers a lot of advantages to those who uses it includes automatic height adjust system IR control system. The device comes with screw rod drive which offers longer life span and more stable than belt drive. Not only that, the printer also equipped with imported LED UV lamp with high performance. In addition, there will be water double cooling system that the customers can enjoy.

GNFEI Has Just Introduced Its Latest Printer and Coffee Ripple Devices To Global Clients

The next product in the launching list is the Coffee Ripples. This is a coffee printer that will allow the users to make inspiring art designs on the top layer of the coffee. The machine can print amazing images and texts just within 20 seconds. Interestingly the images and texts resulted can be applied on both hot and cold coffee. There will be no particular application needed if the customers want to upload images. All the users need to do is just input the URL or just scanning QR code. This is so simple and the printing process can be completed fast. With the printing machine, there will be no devices needed anymore to help  customer creates wonderful images on top layer of their coffee. Interestingly, the machine can be connected with Wi-Fi.

The third product to be released is A3 Size Smart 8 Color R2000 DX5 DTG Printer Direct to Garment. This the latest product of t–shirt printing machine series produced by the company. It comes with relatively affordable prices, the device can print for fast. Just like the name suggest, the product is mainly used to print garment and textiles. With the device, it will make it possible for the customer to run it based on the preference either in full automatic operation or semi – automatic. The device offers long live span that enables the customers to use it at least for 3 years or even more. With the device, customer can create beautiful images and text on the t-shirt in more fun ways.


GNFEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDis a Hong Kong based factory specialized in the manufacture and exporting flatbed printer for more than 6 years. They also focused on digital and inkjet printing for more than 10 years. Their printers product has taken CE, FCC and SGS certification, and has been exported to 120 countries and area

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