World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd Presents New Models of Flatbed Inkjet Printing Solutions to Global Customers

World Best import & export Co., Ltd focus on worldwide production of a wide range of advanced flatbed, UV, Inkjet food printing services and more

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd, a leading global manufacturer and exporter of several kinds of flatbed printers worldwide introduces new models of flatbed printers, UV printers, and inkjet food printing machines. This is aimed at providing global customers with the best innovation in addition to increased productivity, upgraded print quality as well as increased adaptability for various application needs.

The company produces a wide range of UV printers new which include small UV printers, led UV printers and more. Generally, this new DTG printer does not require a print-plate hence reduces delivery time and cost. The new feature enables users to print only what is needed and when it is needed. Again, it is designed to print directly on materials without any coating or print-plate. This saves users the stress of undergoing pretreatment processes, delivery time and reduces cost. The device also prints images with embossed effect and dries immediately after print out. The device is user-friendly as can easily be operated with little or no assistance. The company has also enclosed manuals to enable customers who may face some level of challenges during usage.

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd Presents New Models of Flatbed Inkjet Printing Solutions to Global Customers

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd also majors in the manufacture of T-shirt printing machine. The machine is designed with a special health function that eliminates the challenge of preheating the t-shirt before printing in order to achieve a good quality image. This new printing machine enables heating while printing which increases printing efficiency and gives high image quality. To achieve good customer experience, the device is also modeled with a regulator to control temperature while printing.

One of the new models of food inkjet printers produced by the company is the coffee printer which creates stylish prints and custom images on cappuccino, espresso, biscuits, bourbons, cakes, chocolates, and a wide array of natural and processed food items. Retail companies as well as users interested in purchasing these products or knowing more about World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd are urged to visit their website on

About World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd.

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd, a leading company in Hong Kong specializes in the manufacture and export of a wide variety of flatbed printers worldwide. The company has over 5 cooperated factories in China mainland which also focus on flatbed printing, UV printing and Inkjet food printing in addition to the manufacture of these printers. Products include a multifunction printer, customized gift printer, Hot stamping printer, Card printer, Food printer and more.

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