MCA Motor Club Of America Work From Home Program Pays Weekly For Referrals

“MCA Motor Club of America work from home jobs pays representatives handsomely for referrals.rn”
Work from home positions available. With flexible hours and schedule the positions are ideal for stat at home Moms or families looking for an extra check every Friday.

Are you always being asked for referrals? This is where friends and relatives ask for recommendations on services such as plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, baby sitters and real estate agents. A common request is for a local restaurant.
It is in our nature to assist and we are only too willing to point people in the right direction.
Many use Facebook to ask for recommendations. These posts are usually bombarded with suggestions.
When you refer a friend or relative to any business how much commission do you receive? Nothing, right?
This hardly seems fair, as the business receives customers that could be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars with then and yet, you the referrer, receives nothing. That’s not the end of it.
For example let’s take a referral to an upscale steakhouse. Your friend or relative takes your suggestion and visits the restaurant with another couple. Their bill that night could quite easily reach $300-$400.
They enjoyed their meal and service and decide to return. If they went back three times a year that is about $1,000 the restaurant received based on your recommendation.
Now your friends and their friends are recommending the restaurant to others and so on. That could be a long chain of steady customers and revenue based on the initial referral. A referral, where the business paid nothing.

“These types of referrals are call network marketing. You have, quite readily, been giving recommendations based on your personal experience. That’s right, you ARE involved in network marketing, and have been, for years and probably never received a single penny,” states Charlotte Watts, National Director of Sales and Marketing for MCA Motor Club of America.

MCA Motor Club of America offers cheap roadside assistance plans which include  unlimited towing, minor repairs, battery charge, fixing flats and more for a nominal monthly fee to drivers in US and Canada.

“Professional network marketers do exactly the same as you except they get paid handsomely for each referral. Not only do they get paid weekly, they work from home and set their own hours and schedule.
“Each one of your friends and relatives and their friends and relatives own cars. That means each would welcome a recommendation from you of a cheap roadside assistance plan.
“Unlike all the other referrals you have made over the years you will be paid by MCA Motor Club of America under one of the best compensation plans in the network marketing industry.
“Our business is expanding and we are looking for representatives in all areas of US and Canada. No experience is required, we provide all the training and support.

“With flexible hours and schedule, these work at home positions are ideal for stay at home Moms or anybody looking to earn an extra check every Friday.

“We have representatives that started working part time and eventually quit their day job because they were earning more. That’s more time with the family and more time for vacations,” concludes Watts.

For more information please call 918-640-6337.

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