Logic Inbound Reveals a Method to Spy on Competitors’ Shopify Stores

There are a number of reasons a store could want to do this, but the most obvious one is to display higher profit margin or high inventory items. Using the simple homepage URL extension method, anyone can see the actual best seller list. This is perfect for “spying” on your competition to determine which items you should consider selling.
There’s a simple user interface tweak that many top Shopify sellers and e-commerce sites use to increase sales on specific products. It’s easy to miss; yet implementing it can dramatically improve the visibility of higher-margin or overstocked items. Knowing about this tweak also makes it easy to understand which items your competition is actually selling the most of.

Logic Inbound, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency, has published a blog post detailing a top Shopify store hack, which can be used to spy on competing stores.

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms for startups and small business owners. It has made it incredibly simple for anyone – no matter their technical knowledge – to start their own online store. With technical challenges largely taken care of, store owners instead have to focus on making their business work. And one of the most important factors in an online store’s success is its product selection. Attempting to sell products that simply aren’t in demand is obviously not a good strategy.

But how can an individual – one who doesn’t have much capital to invest into product research – figure out what products to sell on their online store? A simple method for this would be to go to other popular stores in the niche a user is targeting, to check out those stores’ best-selling items. Surely, the best-selling items are the ones that are most popular with customers. A reasonably strategy then, would be to simply stock similar – or identical – items as they have a much higher chance of generating user interest.

However, many Shopify stores are misleading in this regard. Most stores, instead, have a curated ‘best-selling items’ list that is usually populated with items that are either not selling well, or are just overstocked. Best-selling items give both the store’s customers – and its competitors – the impression that these are the most sought-after items available. As a result, these items have a greater chance of getting sold – quickly.

To view a store’s ‘true’ best-selling items, there is a simple hack that anyone can perform.  It involves placing a piece of code after a store’s URL address and accessing the augmented URL. The hack allows anyone to, in practice, spy on a competitor’s best-selling items. This is a key bit of intelligence that can help a merchant decide on what items to keep in stock.

The aforementioned hack can be done to any Shopify store. However, there is a simple script that can be used to deter users from using the hack to access a Shopify store’s best-selling items. Other than spying on competitors’ Shopify stores, users can also leverage the power of search engine optimization to gain authority and generate organic traffic from search results. A digital marketing agency can be highly beneficial in this regard, especially one with prior experience in managing eCommerce projects.

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