The 3D Action Adventure Game “Dragon Ball: The Strongest Warrior” Was Officially Announced Today

The latest mobile game of ‘Dragon Ball Series’: “Dragon Ball:The Strongest Warrior” was officially announced today and it will go public in 2018. It’s a “3D Action Adventure” game and will launch on both platforms (iOS/Android) at that time.


Unveiled from the official screenshots, the game screen will be presented in 3D visual effects. All the classic chapters such as ‘Journey for the Dragon Ball’,’ Budokai Tenkaichi’, ‘Saiyan’, and ‘Android‘ etc. will be included in game. Players are free to explore the amazing game scenes such as Kame House, Namek, Karintou. Let’s start an exciting adventurous journey into the Dragon Ball.

In terms of gameplay, “Dragon Ball:The Strongest Warrior” is quite different from the previous card and turn-based mode, it has been definitely confirmed as a 3D action adventure game. Players can realistically operate not only the popular characters such as Son Goku, Piccolo, Bulma, Kame Sennin, Vegeta etc., but also the villains like Tao Paipai, members of GINYU, Nappa etc. to move freely in the original scenes and activate the“KA-ME-HA-ME—HA!”, “Kienzan”, “Makankosappo”, etc. unique skills by tapping!


About “Dragon Ball:The Strongest Warrior”

The mobile game ” Dragon Ball:The Strongest Warrior ” is a 3D action adventure game which is authorized by official. It is highly closely related to the classic animation. With its vivid characters and amazing scenes, it has built a perfect world of dragon balls. Players start their collection journey here from playing Son Goku and encounter different players during the exciting match. Then enhance their powers with all kinds of enemies in game and finally go to the top of the world.

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