How to Protect and Conserve the Environment

Protecting the environment is essential since it is the only way to reduce the destruction of ecosystems that is caused by numerous anthropogenic activities. It is a responsibility for humans through the help of California Environmental Protection Agency to preserve the environment from pollution and other activities that cause environmental degradation. Notably, Environmental dilapidation is harmful to the society because it threatens the long-term well-being of mankind, plants, and animals. Some of the environmental ensure that must be addressed by environmental organizations such as California restore include air and wildfires, global warming, acidic rain, and water pollution. 

Environmental protection and conservation can be accomplished through many ways. However, the article will enumerate just a couple of the most common and easy ways that any individual implement to ensure the environment is safe. 


Try to recycle any waste product that can be recycled and ensure you purchase reusable and biodegradable products. Things like glass, paper, plastic, and metal can be reused. Additionally, anything that is made of glass and is no longer useful must be recycled and this can include, empty jars, wine bottles, broken glasses. Old newspapers, paper wraps, paper sheets and cardboard that are no longer useful must be thrown in a paper container and taken to the recycling plant. 

It is worrying to find out that almost 90% of all plastic bottles are not taken to recycling plants and plastic bags are not biodegradable while they are used in large quantities. Note that plastic materials are hazardous to the environment since they take thousands of years to disintegrate. For this reason, reusable containers and bags will be a healthy and environmental-protective alternative. Find more info here.

Reducing water consumption 

Water is essential and fresh water is becoming a more precious day in day out, and for this reason, it is an obligation for any human to save it. Therefore, it is important for every individual to do whatever that must be done so that water sources can be prevented from pollution. This is not a hard task since you can just turn the tap off while brushing, avoid taking numerous baths and take showers instead and use your washing machine when you have enough clothes to fill it. Used paint and oil must not be disposed into drains since they will pollute water catchments such as rivers and seas. 

Regulate your electricity usage 

This is not a hard task as it requires your attention. Make sure you switch off any electric appliance once you have finished using it. As this will help you save energy, it will also help you save some cash since this means that you will be paying less on your electric bill. Use energy saving light bulbs instead of the regular ones and the moment you leave your workplace, make sure you physically turn off your PC and monitor. This will increase the lifespan of your computer as you cut down the consumption of electricity in the process. 

Plant at least one tree 

Trees are the main source of oxygen and the irony is that people are busy cutting them down instead of planting them. Note that like would improve considerably if every individual takes part in tree planting exercises since there could be cleaner air, the number of trees would increase, and people would have enough shades for hot summer seasons. This would help in regulating environmental hazards such as global warming and greenhouse effect.

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