How Technology has Impacted the Real Estate Industry

Technology has had a significant effect on every aspect of human life. The real estate industry has utilized technology to deliver better properties to clients. It has also improved customer experience. Progressive firms such as Uptown Realty have been at the forefront of technological integration. In this article, we are going to discuss the impacts of technology on the industry. 


Since the introduction of Blockchain technology, real estate agents have had an easy time managing financial transactions on a much larger platform. This technology is familiar with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency forums. Since the beginning of 2018, real estate firms have adopted the system in their modules, click for more info. Cryptocurrency has developed thus empowering the monitoring of financial transactions between agents and potential clients. This, in turn, has reduced financial fraud by the most significant margin ever recorded. 


Ever since the emergence of real estate firms like Texas Association of Realtors, the agents had to persevere the strenuous work of personally displaying potential property to clients. However, since the innovation of tech into the systems, the platform has gained a lot of mileage regarding automation of hoe systems. The introduction of thermostats, security systems, and websites has improved the bargaining prospect during the sale of a property. The creation of sites has made it easier for clients to log in and choose their most convenient property package by just clicking a button. Tech has improved relations between clients and potential customers. 

Virtual tours, Drone technology, and Augmented Reality platforms

In the real estate industry, photographers have been in hectic positions as they tried to capture large property like luxury apartments. However, this has changed due to the integration of drone technology in the industry photographers can now breath relief. The drones can now take pictures of a large property with much ease. Such tech has made advertisement much easier. Virtual tours are now possible as all the real estate agent requires a computer and a video recorder. It saves both the agent and the potential buyer time to visit the property physically as all the details are now accessible via video footage. Augmented reality is a new tech that enables the creation of real images directly or indirectly through computer-generated information. Real estate agencies now save time and the workforce to conduct physical surveillance of property. 

Presence of Mobile Applications 

Apart from websites, real estate agencies can now engage themselves in mobile apps. It has enabled on-demand services accessible much easily unlike before. In past times, the potential buyers had to seek information through their means. This move has helped diminish this problem among buyers since they now reach a wider audience than before. With the evolution of smartphones, almost everyone can now download real estate applications and get to acquire information needed. 

Social Media and Chatbox Technology 

Over the recent years, clients and agent used to meet up and discuss various terms and conditions; however, after the integration of chat boxes in their websites, communication has become affluent. It has become a reality as the clients get to login the sites and gets to send short messages to the real estate agents unlike before where they had to visit offices or meet up in public. On the other hand, social media platforms have eased the communication process between the two parties. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter get to provide advertising forums for the real estate agents giving them a wider audience.

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