Enjoy Barbados While Staying in an Unforgettable Vacation Rental

There are islands that capture one’s imagination, that makes one look forward to the next vacation or getaway weekend. Barbados is one of these destinations. As a premier destination in the Caribbean, a visit to Barbados is only enhanced with the perfect short or long-term vacation rental. Imagine lounging comfortably in one of these exceptional places, a drink in hand, and gazing over the endless blue ocean. When on the island, find this perfect spot and have an unforgettable stay. 

Enjoying A Piece of Barbados 

There are vacation rentals in Barbados that bring out the beautiful features of the island. Specialty online sources such as Exceptional Villas offers an opportunity for those who are planning to visit to see these rental choices across Barbados. The best luxury villas and other vacation rentals in Barbados are in oceanfront communities such as St. James, Sandy Lane, Prospect, Crane to Mullins Beach. 

There are beachfront villas, townhomes, and historical homes that offer spectacular views of the Barbados coast. Upping the luxury factor are the professional staff services offered in some of these vacation rentals. This means that guests are well taken cared off while on the island. 

Jetting Off to Barbados 

After finding that perfect vacation rental home, enjoying the island becomes a breeze. Every Barbados travel guide highlights the attractions which make the island unique. With more than 90 km of pristine coastline, the natural and manmade attractions are varied from north to south. Beach traffic also varies across the island. 

The west coast is where most of the action happens and where most of the island crowd congregate. Mullins Beach and Accra Beach are just two of the options in the area. There are also secluded beaches in the Southern coastlines, such as Enterprise beach, which are favored by islanders. Meanwhile, Payne’s Bay is where many of the local tourist hotspots are located. 

More to Love in Barbados 

From nature, shopping, historical places, to culinary adventures, there are a lot of ways to explore and enjoy Barbados. One can visit the Andromeda Botanic Gardens, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, or the marine parks to see some local flora and fauna. Another option is to participate in one of the National Trust hikes in the hilly terrains of St. Michael or St. Thomas to see places of archaeological or ecological importance. 

Barbados also has a thriving culinary scene, featuring Caribbean. West Indian, and other influences. There is a dining option for everyone, from the cliff top fine dining establishments to beachfront food shacks. As the place where rum was discovered in the 18th century, visiting the Mount Gay distillery, the oldest in the island, should also be part of the local experience. 

The Caribbean is high in the list of vacation-goers across age groups. While the beauty of this tropical island beckons, spending time in a luxury rental certainly tops the experience. Whether one prefers ocean views or proximity to the island hotspots, there is always something for those who plan to stay in Barbados for a few days.

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