DIL R. Banu’s “One God for All” Now Available on Amazon

May 24, 2018 – “One God for All” by Dil R Banu is now available on Amazon.com. The 248-page book contains 12 open letters to the renowned Evangelist Franklin Graham in reply to his comment, “The god of Islam is different from the God of the Judeo-Christian Faith. It is a different god, and I believe Islam is a very evil and very wicked religion.” He made this comment on January 20, 2001 while offering his prayer in the first inauguration ceremony of President G. W Bush. This book deals only with the first part of his comment.

Dil R Banu who is an emigrant from Bangladesh, a Muslim by birth and practice and also a retired professor in one of the prestigious colleges of her country, chose to run a family daycare when she settled in America about three decades before. She is very fond of religion and the Comparative Religion is her favorite subject since her teenage. In the Preface of her book, she has described in details why she took the evangelist’s comment seriously and needed to write to him.  

Based on clear evidence from both Bible and Quran, the author has claimed Muslims never worshiped any “different god” from the “God of the Judeo-Christian Faith,” as the evangelist intended to mean.  Rather, they always have worshiped and still worship the same One God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham following the teaching of Muhammad-the last Prophet of God. In the first four letters of this book, she has tried to justify her claim in the light of both Bible and Quran.

She wrote last seven letters to the evangelist claiming it is not the Muslims as he said it is in fact the Christians, who worship a “different god” from the “God of the Judeo-Christian Faith.” She believes they have been doing so since they have ignored the crystal clear instruction of God in the First Commandment and made Jesus as an object of worship. She has provided countless evidence from Bible, Quran and other authentic sources in support of her claim.  

The author added letter five to claim Jesus’ Comforter, Advocate or Testifier is Muhammad, the last and the final Prophet of God. She has tried to establish her claim on the basis of Jesus’ accurate prophecies that he made about him long before his arrival. She invites all her readers both Christians or non-Christians, to verify the truth of all her claims that she has made in her book openly.    

Dil R Banu-the unknown and unheard author of “One God For All” admits humbly that she didn’t write this book to sell her faith to the Christians or to prove them wrong. She believes there is nothing to sell or to prove because they already have it in their scripture right from the beginning. They only need to read them and to look for themselves what Jesus really taught them in the Gospel and what they believe and practice in his name.

Dil’s love for religion and her hard work has made “One God for All” truly a soul-searching book for the people of all faith. It is well-written, well-explained and well-documented. Most important of all nobody needs any special knowledge or wisdom to understand what she wrote or what she meant. Anyone who is interested to know about God or His religion will find this book exceptionally simple and informative. They can also use it as an excellent handy reference book to refresh their own memory and for others as well.  

The subject she chose to oppose a well-reputed evangelist is undoubtedly tough, but she has handled it efficiently and gracefully.

Dil’s love and concern extends to all regardless to their faith or ethnicity. She wants them to know that our faith in God should be prudent and reflective instead of being blind, biased or self-made. As our lives are short and most uncertain, and we have no chance to correct our mistakes once we cross the one-way exit of death, she believes the sooner we identify the true path of God and follow it, the better for all of us.   

For more information, visit: http://www.onegodforall.info/ and https://www.amazon.com/One-God-All-DIL-Banu/dp/1948962578/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1524590815&sr=1-1&keywords=9781948962575

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DIL R. Banu is a retired lecturer of a prominent school and college. She came to America about 27 years ago and worked as a substitute teacher in a local elementary school for almost a year. Banu runs a family daycare where all her neighbors are Christians.

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