The Give Back Audit Program allows Non Profit organizations to raise funds without asking for cash or check donations from supporters

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – Central Energy USA officially launched their Innovative Fundraising program called “GAP” today.

The GAP program utilizes state of the art computer and Ai technology, now available, to audit up to three years of past Utility overcharges. When mistakes are found, the Refunds, guaranteed by law, can be substantial for the commercial institution receiving the free audit.

Philippe Moser is the founder of Central Energy USA and visionary of their nonprofit support arm and 501c3 “GAP program”. The GAP program is a hybrid business model that allows 501c organizations to turn “For Profit” into “For Purpose” and helps fund nonprofit organizations in new and impactful ways. Central Energy USA runs this program in partnership with Diversity and Genie Energy, part of the publicly traded NYSE IDT family of companies.

Philippe Moser commented: “The best part of our program is that there are no upfront costs or major time commitments on behalf of your corporate Donors.”

“The GAP program does all the work and your corporate donors benefit by finding out if their facilities have been overcharged on their electricity or not. If no mistakes are found, your donor simply gains “peace of mind” that they have not been overcharged on their utilities.” Mr Moser continued.

When The GAP Algorithm uncovers a potential 8 out of 10 mistakes on a utility bill, The refund check back to the corporate donor can be sizable and GAP is structured in such a way that the donations to the Non Profit organization can be substantial as well.

Interested potential 501c 3 GAP partners are invited to contact the Central Energy Office and Philippe Moser direct at: 800.425.6403 or email phil@centralenergyusa.org

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