New Zealand – May 24, 2018 – Polintell, a division of Global Partnership and Development Ltd. is set to organize their annual business, leadership and security conference – Asia-Pacific security and innovation summit (APSIS). APSIS is an international forum for the community of industries, defense analysts and academics in the Asia-Pacific region. The summit has been scheduled to take place from 22-23 November, 2018 in Roturua, New Zealand. The theme for this year is to be Resilience in the Information Age. As a people so diverse, Asia Pacific region requires its own security planning and careful management of conflict. Therefore, innovative ideas, innovative security, innovative research are required for its future resilience. 

The business and leadership summit has purposely been set up for those who wish to unlock their potential in strategic leadership and communication. It is also a security conference for those who want to build resilience in the digital age by learning from intelligence veterans, leaders and analysts in defense, business, intelligence and academia.

Speaking at New Zealand’s Leading Event for Resiliency of Defense and Transnational Industries in Asia-Pacific will be Dr. Anita Abbott, Director, Global Partnership and Development, Luke Bencie, Managing director, Security Management International, Tantowi Yahya, Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, Ambassador-Designate to the Kingdom of Tonga. Paul Galea, Australian Army, Brig General Insub Shin, Korean Army (retired), Associate Professor, George Mason University amongst a host of others will be in attendance.

The venue of the summit, Rotorua New Zealand, is just the place for meetings like this. The Holiday Inn at Rotorua will host the event in a conducive room with incredible lightening and air condition.

About Polintell

Polintell, a division of global partnership and development is headed by Dr. Anita Abbot. The aim of Polintell is to help with threat intelligence in order to be able to identify potential threats and adversaries and thus make wise and strategic decisions. They also help to create a framework and model for testing the kind of information that will help make better situations

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