Bitdrive, the brand-new ridesharing platform based on revolutionary blockchain technology

Meet the next Uber of blockchain-Bitdrive, a ride-sharing platform that utilizes the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to offer decentralized services to its customers. It is here to disrupt the big players in the ride-sharing industry that are based on centralized systems, by offering several advantages such as low commission fees, faster transactions, low fares for the customers, better remuneration for the drivers and more. All of this is made possible by eliminating middlemen and third-party involvements. The goal of Bitdrive is to build a global decentralized ridesharing platform, for which they have also locked the team tokens for 2 years.

Bitdrive is powered by the BTD token that will serve as a primary way of payments on the platform. It will also be the first Ridesharing platform in the world to provide a decentralized and effective inbuilt insurance mechanism called the Bitdrive Autosurance. It is a sincere measure taken by Bitdrive to support the customer whenever the need arises and to have their back when things go awry.

Having no middlemen, intermediary payment gateways and other centralized practices mean that Bitdrive can provide better returns for the investors. Unlike the conventional ridesharing platforms that charge unnecessary transaction fees due to the involvement of banks and other third parties, Bitdrive will offer zero transaction fees with faster speed.

The founders of Bitdrive observed that the global ridesharing market is constantly expanding and by 2030, it is estimated to become a $238 Billion market. But Bitdrive is not here to have a small share in this industry but to disrupt the whole industry by providing better and cost-effective services for the riders, fairer rewards for the drivers and a fruitful investment for the token holders.

Bitdrive is backed by expert professionals in the industry having vast experience in the world of cryptocurrency, marketing and development. It will begin their official pre-sale ICO on 15th June 2018 to offer the BTD tokens at a 30% bonus. The Pre-sale will offer 75 Million tokens at a price of $0.04 USD. After the end of pre-sale on 15th July 2018, the main ICO will begin on July 20th, which will be composed of three rounds with last round ending on September 30th, 2018. BTD Token is an ERC20 type token which is powered by smart contracts. It will offer quick and streamlined transactions, reduced risk of contract breaking, better security, and lower fees. There will be a fixed supply of the BTD tokens.

Blockchain technology has already revolutionized a number of businesses and now Bitdrive is here to bring a much-needed change in the ride-sharing industry. More information about the platform and upcoming pre-sale can be found at

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