Cosmo Cryptocurrency is creating the first-ever decentralized organization, owned by its community

Cosmo coin is the newly launched cryptocurrency in the market that aims to build the first of its kind decentralized organization that will be owned by none other than its community. Similarly to shares, every community member will have the right to vote on their business decisions, based on the number of Cosmo tokens they have. For every vote, they will be awarded further Cosmo tokens that have not been released during the ICO, which will begin on 28th May and end on 28th August. Cosmo is on a mission to create the first decentralized business with no board of directors or board of corporates.

Cosmo is a decentralized digital currency that can be used for worldwide payments for various tasks such as booking a holiday, buying grocery, purchasing a brand-new car, and anything else you can imagine. It offers all the advantages a cryptocurrency does including low transaction costs, high security, transparency, and privacy to the users. Being decentralized in nature, the execution of contracts is fast on Cosmo and the costs are much lower than the conventional electronic fund transfers. It is also holding the first manual Initial Coin Offering to decrease the risks of an automated server-based ICO. All the operations of the Cosmo ICO will be carried by the staff manually.

Cosmo coin is released on standard exchanges at a price of $100 USD per token but through the ICO bonuses, the investors have the chance to buy the token for as low as $75/token. The number of Cosmo tokens produced will be fixed so that its high demand impacts the value of the coin positively. Like other promising cryptocurrencies, Cosmo is free from the involvement of any government organizations, third party or banks. By enabling peer to peer transactions, it manages to lower the costs, maintain transparency and more security than the traditional ways of money transfer.

Cosmo is developed and backed by a team of expert professionals with in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency world. They constantly work towards providing a secure environment to its customers by taking strategic decisions and using business intelligence to solve certain problems. Cosmo as a cryptocurrency will be distributed to e-wallets/ crypto-wallets which work on the public and private keys technology, from now on referred to as asymmetric cryptography, which basically performs two functions known as encryption and authentication.

Cosmo takes a pledge to never share the users’ data or identity with any third parties. While the asymmetric cryptographic system allows the company to see transactions on the blockchain but nobody can identify the owner unless the respective wallet is attributed to personal information of users such as on a cryptocurrency exchange. More information about the Cosmo cryptocurrency can be found on

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