Patrick Saada, along with daughter Galith, now offers fully-customizable diamond engagement rings

A name like Patrick Saada is familiar to anyone involved in the diamond sector, particularly when it comes to mining, manufacturing, and trading. He is, after all, the Infinite Diam founder, and he is well known around the world due to his diamond expertise. But today, along with Galith, his own daughter, Patrick Saada offers customized diamond engagement rings through a special online jewelry shop.

ISRAEL – 24 May, 2018 – If there’s anyone who has cemented his place in the diamond industry, especially in regard to mining, manufacturing, and trading, it’s Patrick Saada. Patrick Saada is proud to confirm that as the founder of Infinite Diam, he has been able to secure a name for himself and his family as true rough diamond experts.

But while Patrick Saada has many achievements under his belt, one of his latest achievements is notable enough to catch the attention of those who are looking for truly remarkable, high-quality stones for engagement rings. Patrick Saada has recently launched an online jewelry shop in conjunction with his daughter Galith, who actually plays the role of top designer for the shop. The name of the shop is also Galith, after his daughter, and it provides a truly unique service: fully-customizable diamond engagement rings.

The process of getting a customized diamond engagement ring is simple as well. Customers can simply visit the Galith website and choose the option to design a custom ring. Once they have chosen this option, they can then get started by sending in a request with specific information about what they want. This information can include the diamond size and shape, the style and setting, the budget, the timeline, and other pertinent requests. If customers have an image as a reference, they can include this as well.

The next step is a consultation with Galith, who can speak to them over the phone or via Skype and discuss the process as well as answer whatever questions the client may have. Afterward, Galith will work on a 3D rendering of the ring, and customers can request additional changes at this stage. Once this is finished, customers need only select the diamond, confirm the setting and style and confirm the order online.

Thanks to Patrick Saada’s involvement in the diamond industry, Galith has complete access to the most beautiful rough diamonds and can provide customers with the highest quality diamond rings – at reasonable and affordable prices as well.

About the company:

Patrick Saada’s vision has allowed him to gain respect and recognition in the diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing sector. Today, Patrick Saada goes deeper into diamond jewelry manufacturing with the Galith online jewelry shop.

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