2017 proves to be a good year for Patrick Saada with new venture into diamond jewelry

When it comes to diamonds, Patrick Saada is one name that has already established its expertise. Patrick Saada is the founder of diamond specialist company Infinite Diam, and he has recently expanded his expertise with a venture into diamond jewelry along with his daughter, Galith.

ISRAEL – 24 May, 2018 – Infinite Diam is well known in the diamond industry as a leading trader, manufacturer, and miner of diamonds. The company, which is under the direction of Patrick Saada (who is its founder), has been one of the premier specialists in diamonds since its inception in 2013. Infinite Diam is wholly owned and operated by the Saada family.

But 2017 seems to have been a year of new endeavors for Patrick Saada, as he opened and launched an online jewelry business under a partnership with his own daughter, who is named Galith. Galith is both the name of Patrick Saada’s daughter and the name of the online jewelry shop, which offers a wide array of stunning diamond jewelry that includes earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and its specialty, engagement rings that can be fully customized according to the preferences of the customer.

Patrick Saada is excited about this latest endeavor, which makes complete sense considering his expertise when it comes to diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing. Since he has been involved with diamonds for a long time, it is only natural for him to embark on this exciting journey with his daughter Galith. Galith (the shop) allows clients to create custom designs, and this is one aspect which makes Galith stand out from other diamond jewelry manufacturers out there. And since Galith (the daughter) has been involved in the diamond trade since she was a young girl, and her own father, Patrick Saada, is a leader when it comes to diamond manufacturing, mining, and trading, they can give customers higher quality jewelry and more reasonable prices.

Patrick Saada is proud of the launching of Galith the jewelry shop. The jewelry shop is destined to do well with its customized diamond engagement ring offerings, where customers can send in their particular requests (such as the setting style, the shape as well as size of the diamond, and so on), have a consultation over the telephone or on Skype with Galith, and then Galith herself will create a 3D CAD design of the client’s dream engagement ring. With this kind of service coming from both Galith and Patrick Saada, this new endeavor has every reason to succeed.

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Patrick Saada has long been involved in the diamond industry and specializes in diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing. Those who are interested in learning more about Patrick Saada’s professional work should visit the website.

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