May 24, 2018 – New York – A new “Detailed Paint Brush Set” has been launched into the Professional Art world by Art Accelerators, and from early reviews, it might be the best thing ever for the industry.

The engineers and artists at Art Accelerators came up with a perfect collusion of deftness and uniqueness on this one. The product ensures a continuous flow of creativity for artists while painting. Users will now be able to create detailed art works with Art Accelerator’s super Detailed Paint Brush Set.

A light glare into the challenges artists encounter while painting suggested that it is frustrating when there are no varieties of brushes to work with. When quizzed about the product, a representative from Art Accelerators said, “they are made with high synthetic hair; the fine points of the miniature painting brushes are incredibly sharp, sleek and free of loose hair. You can use them with acrylic, watercolor and oil. You can draw anything you want with high precision. And of course, the bristles will remain in excellent condition, even after daily use.”

Art Accelerators have contributed to art industry immensely in the past, but they are not looking to rest on their laurels. The company reportedly takes delight in every artist experiencing a quality and seamless process while creating art.

A company representative came forward with the unique specifications of the detailed paint brushes, “these red paint brushes come in a set of 12 and each one of them has a different, fine point, precision tip. Apart from portraits, landscapes and paint by number art, you can also use the detailed brushes to paint Warhammer 40k figurines, miniature scale models and all types of small mini art.”

The Detailed Paint Brush Set is maybe a paint brush set every artist should have, and they are available on Amazon.

About Art Accelerators

“The Art Accelerators products are the perfect blend of durable materials and unique artist-oriented design. The mission is simple: To make high-quality, ergonomic and fun offices, arts and crafts products available to everyday, amateur and professional artists, just like me and you! It is a priority at Art accelerators to establish an honest, personal and friendly relationship with their artists, hence their customer support specialists are always available to solve any problems, answer questions or even offer advice. Above all, to put a smile on your face while you create those fine arts is priority.”

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