Logic Inbound Evaluates Wix and Shopify

If you want to build a professional, technically advanced and scalable eCommerce business then Shopify should be the platform of choice for you.
Wix’s eCommerce effort is certainly impressive, but it lacks advanced features like abandoned cart recovery and detailed reporting which leads us to believe it’s really only suited to individuals or small businesses.

If you’re looking to start an eCommerce business, it can be really beneficial to build your online store by using shopping cart software like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce or Volusion. These eCommerce platforms allow anyone – with no coding knowledge whatsoever – to build a fully functional and professional online store.

But these eCommerce platforms differ in many ways. Costs, scalability and extensibility are all important factors of an eCommerce business, and these platforms vary quite a bit when it comes to facilitating these factors.

Logic Inbound have published an article which compares and analyzes popular eCommerce platforms Wix and Shopify to determine which one is better for online retailers.

The comparison revealed the benefits and caveats of using each platform for building online eCommerce businesses. Shopify was found to be the more advanced eCommerce platform, with support for advanced features such as abandoned cart notifications, while Wix was recommended for smaller businesses or individuals who want to sell a small number of products on their website.

Wix as a platform has a lot going for it. Its monthly subscription plans are cheaper, with entry-level plans costing just $20 per month compared to Shopify’s Basic plan which costs $29 per month. What’s more, Wix gives all its users access to its vast library of free templates. There are more than 500 templates to choose from, but only 65 of these are made for online stores. But even 65 templates give users a lot of choice and that’s before factoring in the customizability of these templates.

Shopify users on the other hand can choose from a library of 62 templates, which compares quite favorably to the 65 offered for Wix users. But only 10 of Shopify’s 62 templates are free, meaning users have to pay up to $180 if they like the design of a premium paid-for template. Users can take advantage of Shopify’s third-party support and purchase a premium template from marketplaces such as Theme Monster and Theme Forest. These give users a plethora of options for template design and this is where Shopify starts showing its strength.

Both platforms provide users with a lot of flexibility through plugin integrations. If users can’t find a feature they want, they can look in the platforms’ respective plugin marketplaces to find a plugin that will fulfill their requirements. But there are only around 250 plugins on the Wix App Market, while the Shopify App Store offers more than 2000 plugins. Shopify’s popularity with third-party developers give it flexibility that Wix simply cannot offer. There are even Shopify Partners who will design and develop a complete eCommerce store for users.

Shopify offers a much better eCommerce-focused feature set as well. Abandoned cart notifications, a feature that’s necessary to maximize an online store’s sales and profits, is offer by default in Shopify. Wix users on the other hand have no option but to wait for the platform to get this feature.

On a monthly basis, running a Wix store is going to be cheaper than a Shopify-powered one. Entry-level Wix eCommerce pricing is just $20 per month, making it a great option for starting an eCommerce business on a budget. Shopify is just as good at catering to small businesses, but it is more expensive. The company has tried to cater to budget-conscious users with its Lite plan which lets them use the platform’s powerful backend to manage their online sales. For medium-to-large sized businesses however, Shopify is simply a better choice owing to its advanced features and strong third-party integrations.

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