Why the team at Aurum rises above the rest!

team members at Aurum

Every business has a team of people who keep the gears working as they should. With an exceptional team, there are endless possibilities for businesses. The team is the heart of everything they do. Without them, most businesses will eventually fail. At Aurum Window Cleaning, there is a phenomenal team in place that has taken this humble business into a success they may never have thought.

The definition of a team is a group which forms one competing side in a game or sport. Aurum is a competitive business which strives every day to make clients happy. We want our customers to call on us again and again. This could not happen without the team of Aurum. In the world’s economy, it can get brutal, but Aurum has developed a team that is unstoppable.

Team Qualifications

As with any sport, one wants the best of the best. The same goes for businesses around the world. At Aurum, the team brought together by owner and CEO Michael Morozov is impeccable. He has done his homework and chosen wisely. Team members at Aurum have acquired degrees from the best schools and gained experience from previous work which cannot be looked over.

At Aurum one will find team members with degrees in

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Political Science
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Architectural Science
  • Civil Engineering

All these great degree fields allow Aurum to find success in a global economy!

Team Work Experience

The work experience of team members at Aurum is top of the line. They have prior experience in their work field along with some who even have extensive work experience in corporate management and electrical engineering. Aurum has found the best to work for the customer and build up the business, an enterprise which started with one man and a squeegee.

Why is the Aurum Team the Best?

The team of employees at Aurum is always striving to keep customers happy and build lasting relationships with those who count on them. They provide a service to other businesses that is vital. Nowhere else is anyone going to find a team that will work as hard, be as qualified, and as dedicated as the team of Aurum.

About Aurum Window Cleaning

One man, a squeegee, and a ladder started Aurum in 2008. Today Aurum has become a leader in residential and commercial property management. The services provided range from window cleaning, snow removal, janitorial services, and many others. With over 18 locations in North America, serving over 300,000 customers, and employing over 250 in staff and contractors, Aurum has met and exceeded the standards of success.

Media Contact
Company Name: Aurum Window Cleaning
Contact Person: Michael Morozov
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Phone: 1-800-749-0532
Address:245 Fairview Mall Drive, Suite 300
City: Toronto
State: Ontario M2J 4T1
Country: Canada
Website: https://myaurum.com/toronto/