How to Spend a Beautiful California Summer Outdoors

Summer is here in California, and that means there’s a boundless list of things to do in outdoors to keep you and the whole family entertained. Nothing beats an outdoor trip in California, and all its amazing sceneries it has to offer. Whether you enjoy camping, hiking, or rafting, there’s something for everyone in The Golden State. Here are some ideas you can use to find some adventure this summer with your friends and family. 


One of the most beautiful and interactive experiences available in California, rafting is perfect as a group activity for all individuals to partake in. Crisp, refreshing and beautifully clear waters await you and your party once you hit the river. Various rafting companies are available at your convenience, like The American Whitewater Expeditions, to safely take you and your friends on an experience you’ll never forget. 

Nature Education 

With outdoors as robust and interesting as California, this summer would be a perfect time to take the whole family out and experience the flora and fauna that this beautiful state has to offer. Not only can learning about the outdoors be fun, but it is a crucial component in preserving nature’s precious resources. The California Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education firmly believes that continuing education for the outdoors is a key component to building community, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only can you learn some interesting facts about nature, but being outdoors has been proven to be incredibly beneficial for your health too. Take that time to relax! 


There is an abundance of beautiful hills here in California that are just waiting to be visited by you this summer. Hiking is a fantastic way to get back in touch with nature, as well as get a great cardio workout that is good for the mind and body. Being at ease with nature is a fantastic way to get in touch with your sense of place, and California offers a multitude of hiking trails, from the Old Pinnacles Trail Loop to the Balconies Trail. Take some time to do your research and try as many trails as you can to get a healthy outdoors experience this summer. 


Nothing can quite describe the breathtaking beauty of the Californian country night sky. There are various places that one can take a moment to look at the stars. Glacier Point in Yosemite is one of the best places to relax and simply take in the night’s sky. There’s nothing quite like having a camp fire running, your significant other next to you and an entire sky to yourselves for a romantic evening. 


Finally, camping is something everyone must experience at one point or another in their lives. There are dozens of state parks that are available in your area that can be found with this page here. Camping is a great way to unwind with your family and spend quality time together, disconnected from our day to day routines which can wear us down over time. Rejuvenate yourself with the beautiful California countryside.

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