How to Create a Strong Web Presence

When you are interviewing for digital marketing jobs or design jobs you will need to have a developed and well-planned web page for your prospective employer to review. When it comes to creating a digital profile Madison Area Technical College’s Guide on Building a Digital Portfolio to Land a Job will help anyone who is aspiring to achieve a solid web presence. There are several key elements that should be used in this design plan. 

When you are about to start your web page you need to consider the platform that you are most comfortable utilizing. If you are a more established web designer you may have a favorite platform, if you are newer to creating web pages you may want to stick to WordPress and sites that are similar. If you are targeting a younger audience, you may want to have an edgier and more vibrant page. If you are targeting an older or more professional audience your page should have a professional and well organized lay out. 

Be very selective with the organization and lay out of your web page. A well planned and designed web page should never look cluttered or confusing. If users are unable to easily and effectively navigate the site they will most likely move on to sites that are much more simplistic. You also will need to consider the type of people who will be using your site. Will your site be interactive by several types of people such as ClassDojo? This app and website is used by teachers as well as parents. It was designed with two different groups of users in mind and combines an easily maneuverable site with communication and photo sharing options. 

Do not delay and put off the planning of your website. Once you have your planning in order and have decided how the lay out will be designed you should get started right away. It can take multiple attempts at setting up the best possible web page that you can develop. You will need to proofread and check every feature of your design. You may come across updates even after your page is designed. Be sure to include a contact section where the guests who visit your page can be redirected to your online resume or LinkedIn profile. This will redirect potential hiring professionals to your personal information, so they can set up interviews. 

When you design your contact information section you have a few options. Contact information with a direct link can be at the bottom of your web page or in a separate contact tab. Some designers will also feature an area that will hyperlink back to your page by simply clicking a “click here for more info” text. This text will be highlighted, and users will be automatically redirected to your business profile. 

Designing your own web presence can be extremely fun. This is a great chance for you to proudly display your creative talents. With a strong web presence, you will find yourself often being asked to help others with web design.

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